The lockdown has kept us at home for a while now and has affected the way we live. Adapting to a new lifestyle has been a challenge, but there isn’t much choice at the moment. Still, it is not surprising to hear about people stressing from being home and not doing what they have been used to. Most work is done online, so you can still keep yourself busy even if you can’t go out. Just the same, there are those free hours at home where you wish you could be doing something to keep yourself occupied and distracted from anxious thoughts about the lockdown and the future.

There are several ways you can do something productive at home. Here are some ideas that may interest you.

Learn something new

There might have been a fascinating hobby you had always wanted to get into before but didn’t have the time to do it. You may also want to discover your hidden talents and learn a new skill that you never thought you could manage. There are so many hobbies to explore that can bring out your creative side and be profitable. Baking, cooking, and sewing are some of the hobbies you can try. You could also venture into music and learn to play a musical instrument or study banjo songs for beginners before levelling up to more challenging pieces. By learning something new, you have a sense of fulfilment and know that none of the time you have in your hands has been wasted.

When you set off on a travel adventure, you want it to run smoothly and be fantastic.

So here are seven savvy hacks to help you travel like a pro. 

Fare hack

There are various pricing loopholes you can exploit in order to bag cheaper airfare tickets. For example, the Kayak Hacker Fare tool finds you two separate flights for your trip that work out cheaper than buying a return ticket.

Alternatively, you can use Skiplagged’s hidden city flight feature, where you book a flight to a cheaper destination but disembark at your desired location. 

Pack smart

Packing light affords you all kinds of benefits. For starters, you avoid the extortionate charges for additional luggage. And there’ll be no lugging bulky, heavy bags as you travel from one spot to another.

You’ll find it easier to pack light by choosing clothing items that can be easily matched, mixed and layered.

If you are planning to be in the fitness industry but don’t have slightest of idea about how you will get paid then it can get a bit confusing to actually make a final decision. Fitness industry is worth £9 billion as per reports surfaced in 2017 and provides huge opportunities for anyone looking to make a career in this industry. Renowned bodybuilders, personal trainers, nutritionists etc. are no less than superstars in this glamorous industry. But like every industry the competition is very steep and to make a place for yourself you have to show your potential.  

There is no fixed salary structure in fitness industry and varies a lot from country to country. The pay grade is not universal and depends upon various factors. In UK the full time average salary is £27,600 but if you will look at the average wage of a fitness instructor it is £14,884 and the average wage of a level three personal trainer is £19,417 so being in UK a fitness aspirant might think that the monetary loss is almost 40% when compared to the full time average salary. But it doesn’t mean that you will be underpaid because as per Payscale data though the average personal training salary is low in comparison to the average full time salary but once you start your career you might end up earning in six figures. 

Your vehicle isn’t a one-time purchase. It’s a complex machine full of moving parts, which requires ongoing care if you want it to last. Despite this, most car owners neglect preventative maintenance, with 86 percent of drivers delaying maintenance for minor issues, and some drivers avoiding the habit altogether. 

There are several reasons for this, including a general ignorance of what maintenance is, why it’s so important, and the most important ways to maintain a car. Hopefully, this article can address that ignorance with knowledge and facts about preventative maintenance.

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