Everyone likes to enjoy a good movie. But we are not fully aware of the benefits that this activity brings us. Whether you like action movies, romance, or comedies, be sure that any genre can teach you something and help you become a better person. Read on and find out more about the way a movie can change your life!

Movies Decrease Anxiety

Watching your favorite movie is such a relaxing activity. And this is the right way to beat anxiety. Laughing for 15 minutes when watching a good comedy is equal to exercising. All you need to do is to find a comfortable spot and enjoy a mood-boosting movie.

Movies Improve Knowledge

Movies are informative, and you can get to know so many facts that you haven’t known before. After all, this is a fun way to learn new things. For example, you can learn a lot for the black metal movement from EriK Gordon‘s movie “Lords of the chaos”. 

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Some anime is good, some anime is great, and some anime is life-changing. These shows range from the classics that helped put the genre on the map to innovative new programming that pushes the boundaries of animated storytelling. One of the best parts about anime is that the stories are only limited by the imaginations of their creators, so don’t expect this list to be full of traditional fantasy and sci-fi sagas. If you’re looking for anime that will change your life, here are the shows you need to watch. 

Cowboy Bebop

The first on this list is a fairly universally loved anime. A fascinating genre mishmash that transcends science fiction, Westerns, film noir, and martial arts, this 26-episode epic is a prime example of great anime. It features complex characters, a snappy soundtrack that keeps the story bouncing along, and tight writing that never feels like it’s diving into filler territory. Best of all, both language tracks are outstanding. Whether you prefer subtitles or Americanized dubs, you’re in for a treat because the voice acting is top-notch throughout the entire series. Cowboy Bebop is one of those few programs that isn’t simply quality anime; it’s also just great television in general. 

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Do you find blockbuster movie posters really eye-catching? This is what grabs the attention of thousands of people and makes them want to watch the whole movie. 

Career experts believe that the same technique can be used for resume writing in order to catch the eyes of prospective employers and make them want to call you for a job interview. 

So, what do you need to do to make your application document more attractive and tempting at first sight? How to grab the recruiters’ attention from the first minute? Here are a few useful pieces of advice.

Make Your Resume Professional

The first and foremost tip for making your job searching process smooth and successful is to create a professional and outstanding application document that is free from mistakes and easy to read. 

According to the 2016 research by CareerBuilder, 54% of recruiters mentioned they would reject a resume if it’s not tailored and customized. TheLadders survey on widespread resume errors showed that over 80% of mistakes in application documents are in the work experience descriptions or skills section. 

Some candidates rely on their own writing skills while others prefer to turn to a reliable resume writing company and get their application document crafted. The choice is yours but we recommend avoiding sleepless nights and dozens of tries when you can get a professionally-written resume in just a few days.

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Halloween is right around the corner, and some of the scariest movies to hit the big screen aren’t Michael Myers – they're nurses. When a person is at their weakest moments, some of these nurses will make the person regret ever breathing.

Cruel nurses are nothing new, but these fictional nurses are a pure nightmare.

Of course, there are some nurses that will give you the creeps more than others. Here are my top picks for creepy nurses that you may want to see on the big screen this year.

1. Annie Wilkes

Poor Paul Sheldon. He crashes his Mustang during a terrible snow storm, and the next thing you know, sweet Annie Wilkes is there to come save the day. Paul’s life took a turn for the worse that day.

A former nurse who is obsessed with Paul and seemingly bored out of her mind, decides to put her former skills to work.

You see, Paul, a famous author, has a character that Annie is very attached to. Not only does she help Paul recover, but she forces him to write a sequel to his novel while torturing Paul.

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