Antivirus software consists of an array of programs created to scan your PC’s hard drive for viruses, Trojans, and all types of malware. Again, it makes it difficult for such harmful irritants to be downloaded from the online space straight to the computer.

The software usually functions in a protective mode by deleting or quarantining the infectious files. Computer viruses can cause a severe threat to computers, and you must realize that not all antivirus software is fool-proof — or even without cons. The fact remains that the benefits of having an antivirus installed on your PC far outweigh the consequence of malware; antivirus programs could prevent access to legitimate applications. If you find it difficult running a file correctly, check your antivirus running in the background.

Pros: Malware Prevention

Some antivirus software will not scan the computer and delete any infection files. Instead, they will prevent them from downloading to your computer—like the installation of spyware and malware on your computer. Furthermore, they prevent Active X-based spyware; restrict access to potentially dangerous sites and many more. The AVG review will give you a piece of adequate information about this.

Cons: Running a Scan

One of the shortcomings of antivirus software is depending heavily on computer resources. For most computers, when a scan is going on, they can do little to nothing. As one of these scans goes on, accessing folders,   applications, or the internet may start to crawl—and you know how frustrating that can be. At some point, your computer may freeze up. Don’t use your computer when you run a scan.

Pros: Malware Deletion

Most antivirus programs, like AVG, will run scans on your PC, including all its hard drives to detect malware files and possibly delete them. These programs may come with other tools like anti-spyware protection, virus protection, as well as e-mail scanning. You can also run most antivirus programs on automation at specific times or days—even set them automatically to install updates and definitions.

Cons: Applications

It is practically impossible for some applications to run because of conflicts with the antivirus software. Take for instance; some anti-hacking tool used by some gaming companies may cause such conflicts with your computer. Each time it tries to run, an error will occur. This may be the fact that your antivirus sees the application as a false-positive virus, so it does not allow it to run.

Pros: Downloading

Antiviruses will start their protection by carrying out a scan on any download. Your antivirus knows how to distinguish between something legitimately safe and something you’re unsure about—and can cause harm. So, while you’re protected from dangerous files, you may be locked out of secure data and programs. All you need do is disable your antivirus software. AVG antivirus review comes handy here

Cons: Anti-Virus Software

No antivirus software is fool-proof and can protect you from all possible attack at all times. Using multiples of software can offer better protection. However, the manner at which the computer viruses evolve as rapidly as they do these days, no program will be an answer to cure-all.

The above information suffices to put you in an excellent position to make an informed as regards the purchase of an antivirus-- or rather treat it with levity and not consider it. If the loss of thousands of dollars or even millions makes you cringe, I guess you know the right decision to make.

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