The written word is powerful, but the moving image delivers an altogether different emotional response from the viewer. Filmmakers and TV documentary crews understand the effect of recorded entertainment and the power it has to deliver added meaning.

Businesses can use video in different ways to provide a boost to their market or presentational capabilities. Let’s look at a few ways to go about doing that. 

Getting Professional Video Shot

If you would like your business to benefit from a studio-based recording but your office facilities aren’t suitable, then a video production company is a great solution. You don’t have to invest in creating a soundproofed studio or the video and sound equipment necessary to capture digital video in high-quality. 

Working with a professional team of videographers, they can use their skills in managing an on-location or studio recording setup, and then capture the right video clips perfectly. Then their editors can get to work putting together a final distributable clip. The best idea is to discuss your needs with a professional digital video team and see what they can do for you.

Video Presentation on Your Website

Being able to add a presentation video to your website brings the staff to life for people who cannot visit the showroom. Creating product videos with closeup shots of your products from different angles provides more than is available to see when products are sold on an e-commerce site. Being able to see closeup shots often cuts down on customer service enquiries too because customers can clearly view the product.

Using YouTube to Drive Traffic and Sales

Providing interesting videos on YouTube discussing different aspects of the industry, your services, or your products is useful for prospective customers wanting to know more. It puts a human face on the brand and lets people feel connected to the company too. When they like your team, they’re more likely to want to buy something from the company. 

There are many ways to drive traffic from YouTube to your website. YouTube is one of the top 5 most trafficked sites and is owned by Google. For website owners, they can create their own channel and, when uploading a video, add a link to their product or service in the description right below the video clip. The video should make viewers curious to learn more and click the link to visit your site.

Instagram for a Social Media Push with Video Stories

Instagram has a great feature where your business can share stories in short video clips. These don’t necessarily need to be professionally produced as they’re often shot with a smartphone and a selfie stick. The videos feature something that the company is currently involved with, staff messing about or some other aspect that will appeal to people curious about the company. 

There are many ways to use video to expand the reach of your brand. It can also help to drive traffic from other websites and send visitors to your site to learn more. Professional video production certainly has its place, but there’s also space for spur-of-the-moment video captures for social media use too. Doing both types of video demonstrates the company’s willingness to mix it up.

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