Distracted from distraction by distraction”-T.S. Eliot

The dawn of the 21st century saw mankind being irrevocably shaken up by the web, technology’s most dazzling achievement, the network of networks that has become a household name and changed our online lives forever.

However, the Internet’s continuous advancement with leaps of epic proportions makes it so, that the system does at times become perplexed in jargon, and occasionally confuses the untrained computer user. Together with a "navigator", you need to keep your mindset, knowledge and computer skills constantly updated to be able to take fool advantage of this remarkable tool. This concise guide aspires to define what is what, and walk you through the steps that will make the Internet best work for you. 

Step 1- Select your weapon(s)

It all starts with the right hardware. You can get easy access to the net through four devices, namely a desktop computer, a portable computer (usually called a laptop or notebook), a mobile computer (tablet), and a smart mobile phone. It is essential that the specifications and properties of your machines cover your current needs, while it is good to have some potential for upgrading. Discuss this with your trusted dealer, and don’t pay money for functions you don’t need.  Normally $1,000 should be more than enough for the whole package.

Step 2: Find the most suitable browser/search engine 

Choosing a gateway to the Internet, becoming accustomed to its quirks, feeling it’s your comfort zone, and sticking with it for years, is not always a good idea. Exploring alternatives is a must, if you want to keep up to date, and have your options open.

While a browser gives you access to information on the Internet, you use a search engine to show you the right direction, finding websites that relate to the words you type in. What this really means is that get to a search engine with the use of a browser.  

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser globally until January, 2015 when it was officially replaced by Edge. Google’s Chrome is currently the market leader, followed by Mozilla Firefox.


Despite Google’s supremacy, particularly in the U.S., Microsoft’s Bing is coming up strong, with quite a few competitors showing potential.

Step 3 Start your research

You can be online for a number of reasons, including search for general knowledge (learning new things), information, news, skills building, tutorials, entertainment, communication through social media,...the list is endless.

Subject to your search, there are several paths you can follow. Never forget that the scope of your search is always depending on your subject matter, and the task at hand. Looking for a recipe is not the same as looking for a tutorial for learning foreign languages. 

Above all, don’t be distracted by links or advertisements as you are in danger of losing your course altogether. Stay on your path, yet do make a notice to visit links of interest in due time. Always be focused, whether you’re reading an article or (especially) during a tutorial. Even if there is no instructor present, you still have to follow the rules of the game. Then again, when you’re surfing the Internet like browsing a magazine, you can relax and enjoy the experience.  

Never hesitate to check multiple sites. This is what we call "research". Bear in mind, that anonymity on the Internet means that more often than not, entries can be biased, poorly researched or generally not serving the purpose they were meant to serve.

Whatever your quest, the following websites are indisputable or at least worth taking notice of:



Once a tremendously popular site in the United States, Yahoo is still a reliable web services provider, mostly thanks to its web portal, the Yahoo! search engine. 

For example, type "How it’s made" and you’ll get numerous episodes of a very popular TV show 



Known the world over, this video-sharing website allows you to view, comment on, as well as upload videos. You can also subscribe to a wide range of sites to view films, documentaries, DIY’s and tutorials, plus much, much more.



A veritable online thesaurus, Wikipedia contains knowledge and information provided by volunteer contributors from around the world with appropriate subject matter expertise, and a local essence, while expert editors review the contents as they are published. Despite being repetitively assessed and tested for its article accuracy even against Encyclopædia Britannica., Wiki’s credibility on both general knowledge and scientific articles stands very high.

Reddit: "The front page of the Internet" 


Leaning towards the social media category (the realm of the almighty Facebook), this is definitely a site to visit. Featuring channels such as AskReddit, funny, worldnews, gaming, todayilearned, and videos, you, as a Reddit's registered community member will be able to submit your own content in the form of text posts and/or even suggest links, and get the satisfaction of contributing to something with a value.



With more than 500,000 followers, FabHow is a mostly intriguing, educative, and entertaining site with channels such as Home & garden, self-improvement, health and beauty, cooking, and life hacks. 

This last thematic category features some quite amazing ideas on things like how to organize your room, how to make a cold compress and 27 cleaning hacks an secrets. 

More specialized categories include Computers & Internet, Email, Social Media, Tips n' Tricks, Web Browsers, Cooking, Beverages, Breakfast and Snacks, Desserts, Salads, Dips n Sauces, Electronics, Mobile Phone, Diet and Nutrition, Diseases and Conditions, Pets, Cleaning, Carpet and Floor Odor Removal, Pest Control.

FabHow deals with everyday life issues, and provides concise DIY solutions and tutorials (all with lots of great photos), enabling subscribers to learn new things, and enhance their skills with little effort. 



This is a great question answering web search engine, giving you answers for literally anything that comes to your mind. Ask is just right for specific question related searches, based on Q&A related matches.

The Truth Inside of You


This website calls for you to expand your consciousness by looking clearly, and with an open mind at the facts, and everything that surrounds you. 

How Stuff Works 


How Stuff Works prides in being "an award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works. " 

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