Team work everyone talks about it and says to work in team, cooperate with your team members, share your ideas with them, put your efforts and so on but is it really easy to work in a team, definitely not. It is really difficult to maintain proper coordination with your team members and absolutely it can never be done only from your side every one has to put efforts in it. 

If you are indulge in any kind of business then for its successful run and for satisfying your customers or clients you need to offer them a good and best service which is impossible without working in a team. For every business it is really necessary to work in team and make proper coordination with everyone so that your business will rise up with complete dedication. Either you are having a huge or large scale business or either you are running any small business in any town or any area you needs to make a team and work with them it is very crucial. But now the problem comes that what will you do if your team members are non - cooperative it becomes the major issue. Everyone face this kind of situation in their life while working with a team. Once I also face this kind of problem today I am going to share 5 lessons which I learnt while I was working with a non cooperative team as a head or leader -

1 . As ups and downs comes with every business and this can not only the fault of the team members there might be some of your fault too. As the members with whom I was working were behaving in a non - cooperative manner but when I deeply thought about there this behaviour I found that I was too rude with them and strict also which makes their behaviour rude and non - cooperative. And I sorted this problem and found that for proper cooperation from your colleagues it is very necessary to cope up with them and behave politely with them if you do this there behave will definitely change and will follow your instructions or give you the suggestions too. So , I have decided to follow it and behave politely with my team members from the upcoming new year that is from January 2018 I will totally try to change my rude and harsh attitude towards them and behave politely with them.

2 . As while writing any business letter the format or you can say that the business template matters a lot similar in the same way for a cooperative team work a proper guidance and layout is necessary. If you did any kind of mistake or do not follow the business template properly while writing any business letter then it can leave the bad impression over the reader in the same way if you do not know how to properly and systematically guide your team or what you have to do , what are your rules and work then you will not be able to leave a good impression over your team members and will not be able to work with their proper cooperation. So , first of all you should make your vision clear before starting anything or any work.

3 . If you are facing any kind of problem with your team or team members then still try to solve the problem do not ask the team or team members to change otherwise this step will give all of the powers in their hand and later you will not be able to modify the current situation. So , just find the another way for solving your problem as breaking the team is not the solution to any kind of problem.

4 . As every person is not same so every one can not do same type of work different persons has different abilities and it is your responsibility to find them out and provide the task to them according to their capabilities. If you give them the work of their interest then they will do it with more interest and dedication. It is very important to make everything clear in the starting and you should know what you have to do in the coming days for this you can prepare a schedule on the yearly calendar of 2018. As now the next new year is coming so we suggest you to prepare your schedule and manage your work on the yearly 2018 calendar so that you will not face any kind of problem while completing your work.

5 . As you are working with a non - cooperative team so you will be going to face lots of difficulties and problems in your life or career which you need to resolve if you wanted to grow up. Sometimes , we face those kind of problems which seems very difficult to be solved or you are not able to find any solution for that particular problem then you should leave that problem and then move on do not waste much of your team in finding the solution or waiting for the correct time just change your strategies and move ahead over your project. 

So, these were some problems and issues that can be faced by everyone while you work with any non cooperative team. I also try to give you the solution of solving these problems so that you will not suffer much and take action over them immediately. These were 5 strategies that were surely going to help you in making your business to rise up and work efficiently.

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