The beauty of a smile is straight, white teeth. While straightening teeth can be costly and painful, whitening them is far more accessible. The problem is, with so many tooth whiteners available, where do you start? Here are some of teeth whitening products that you might want to try:

Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste

The manufacturers advise that you use the toothpaste just like any other. Brushing three times a day using this product is meant to yield great results. It is worth noting that this product is made from activated carbon, touted as the element behind the teeth whitening effect. In a period of between 1 and 2 weeks, it is claimed, you will be able to notice changes in teeth color. Aside from making your teeth brighter, the toothpaste is also meant to work to improve your oral health including strengthening the gums.

Tom’s Maine

It is also among the toothpastes that are highly recommended for tooth whitening. Zinc Citrate is among the powerful ingredients that come with the toothpaste. The role played by the said element is to act on impurities on the enamel hence rendering your teeth extremely clean. Natural Silica is also an added element in this toothpaste. Aside from clearing teeth stains, natural Silica also aids in strengthening both the enamel and gums. It is ideal in preventing development of cavities.

Cocowhite Assorted

Based on the popular idea that coconut is a natural teeth whitener, Cocowhite is a product the combines coconut and other ingredients, all aimed at making your teeth whiter. It comes in different formulations including mint, vanilla, and lemon. The primary role of this product is to detoxify your dental elements. In other words, it is supposed to help in killing harmful microorganisms that could lead to tooth decay and discoloration. The makers recommended that you use this product for 14 days in order to get positive results.

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a complete package of all that you might require in whitening your teeth. It comes with an accelerator, teeth whitening syringes, and a mouth tray. You need is to use the kit for 30 consecutive days. They claim it will work to eliminate even the most stubborn stains on your teeth including tea, coffee, and smoking, among others.

Paula’s Choice

Billed as a preventative solution for both permanent and temporary tooth discoloration, this is the type of kit that you use on the go. All you need to do is apply it on your teeth after eating or drinking anything that can lead to tooth discoloration like wine, tea, alcohol, and many others.


There are so many dental brightening products on the market, both over the counter and from dentists, that it might just be a case of trial and error until you find that one that both fits your price point and works on your pearly whites. Always follow the instructions that come with any dental cosmetic product and if you are in any doubt be sure to check with a dental professional before commencing treatment.

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