If you’re caught up in the stresses of planning the perfect wedding, it can be easy to forget about organising entertainment as you focus all your attention on choosing the right wedding venue, fitting inside the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of and making sure the wedding seating plan doesn’t lead to arguments between the in-laws!

Wedding entertainment is a huge part of the big day that shouldn’t be neglected. It can be the difference between a joyful celebration of your marriage full of fun and laughter and bored guests making their excuses and heading home early to escape the tedium.

If you’re unsure what wedding entertainment to arrange, here are some cools ideas that are sure to keep your guests occupied and make your wedding party an occasion to remember.

Live Wedding Music

Music is a massive part of your wedding! From the ceremony to the afternoon drinks reception to the evening wedding reception, the music you choose will become the soundtrack to your memories. You’ll get a beautiful reminder of the day you became husband and wife each time a song you heard during your special day pops up on the radio.

For the wedding reception, a classical string quartet sets an elegant tone for the bridal march, while during the afternoon drinks you could opt for acoustic musicians to create a relaxed atmosphere for your friends and loved ones.

The big wedding party in the evening is the time to let loose and enter married life in style, and what could be more stylish than hiring a wedding band to put on a performance to remember? Whatever genre of music you’re into – pop, rock, funk, soul, indie, disco, dance, swing or R’n’B - there’s a band out there for you, who’ll play exhilarating live versions of all your favourite hits, filling your dance floor with ecstatic guests in the process.

Wedding Games

If a significant portion of your wedding is arranged to be outdoors, then scattering a selection of outdoor wedding games around the venue is a great way of keeping your guests entertained. Board game classics like Jenga and Connect 4 are certain to attract a cluster of competitive chums and help to turn strangers into new friends. Other wedding games to consider include school sports day classics like a sack race or an egg and spoon race. Guaranteed hilarity will ensure if you get your guests doing the Limbo!

Arts and Crafts

A funky alternative to a traditional wedding guest book, get your friends and family to demonstrate their creativity by a laying on some arts and crafts materials for them to make their own bespoke wedding cards. A fun activity for your guests that results in handmade keepsakes that you get to treasure forever. An added benefit is that a table arrayed with card, glitter, pens and pencils will keep kids occupied for hours on end!

Close-Up Magicians

Bring a touch of mystery and flair by booking a close-up magician to mingle amongst your guests, astounding them with impossible tricks and mystifying sleight of hand. A close-up magician is more than just a guy doing tricks, these incredible performers are expert entertainers with the ability to bring people out of their shells and get them talking. A fantastic ice-breaker if your guests don’t know one another. If you book a magician for your wedding, there’ll be one question you hear over and over again: “how did he do that?!”

Bride and Groom Quiz

Just how well do your guests know the bride and groom? Put them to the test with a fun quiz about you and your lives together. Topics to grill your guests about include the places you’ve been together, candid questions about your habits and favourite films, books and music. Raise the stakes by offering a prize like a bottle of champagne and you’ll have your guests captivated as they attempt to be crowned wedding quiz champions!

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to put on some cool wedding entertainment of your own. There’s so much potential to enhance your wedding day experience by choosing the right entertainment, so make sure to give it some thought and host a celebration that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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