Parental control apps have become popular over the years with the increasing trend of kids being fond of using their smartphones and tablets for gamification and social media updates. While it’s a good idea to expose your kids to the latest and most innovative technological developments, it’s also vital to ensure that they are not using the technology negatively. There is a range of parental control solutions and tools available these days that allow you to customize the usage of tech gadgets for kid's safety. These tools allow you to do the following:

Defining User Roles

A highly ranked parental control app enables you to define user roles for monitoring your kid's activity and setting permissions available through the user menu in the application. Using these options, you can also set accessibility levels for various sites, application installation, and authority on certain computer assets such as files. All these options can be individually defined for each user on the smartphone or computer.

Applying Access Restriction

This feature is found in the best parenting apps allowing you to monitor the kid's browsing activity and then set access restrictions by removing or adding objects from a plethora of web categories. These restrictions can be set on the object level and can be defined for each user. You can also set filters for sites that you feel are inappropriate or harmful like gambling sites or those with questionable content. Setting access restrictions will ensure that your kid is only exposed to safe content giving you peace of mind. Now you don’t have to think twice while handing over a smartphone to your kid. 

Blocking Sites/ Phone Numbers

Using parental controls, you can block unwanted phone numbers, websites with spammy content, and spamming software programs. When you define a user role you can block certain sites to limit access to illicit content or inappropriate material online like pop-ups and sites containing adult content. You can also use this option to enable access to certain sites for specific users depending on your preference. 

Surveillance Feature

The best thing about a parental control app is that it includes a monitoring and tracking option that allows you to keep a check on the kid's activity so that you can see what your kid has been doing on the device. The app records an activity log that includes all details about blocked sites, web pages that have been viewed and the accounts that have been accessed. This way you can keep a check on the browsing activity and make sure they stay safe from cyber threats.

Setting Time Limits

Understand the various features like setting time limits and app download permissions. I advise setting time limits to define the time your kids can spend on the electronic devices. For instance, prolonged use of video games can be harmful in many ways, so setting a time limit for gaming would be a good idea. You can also permit certain apps to certain users, plus allow them to install specific apps only. This is important to keep them protected from harmful apps.

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