We worry all the time about what’s online about us. From embarrassing photos in the early MySpace days to second guessing if our Facebook activity is saying too much, everything that we do or is said about us can be traced back. It’s a scary thought, especially given that anyone who’s out there can start bashing you or perhaps even living a secret life in your identity. However, not to worry, as there’ve been plenty of folks who’ve thought a step ahead.

Protecting and managing your online reputation can be tough without the right tools. It involves combing through Google results and social media to accurately pick out who’s been talking about you or your business. But luckily for you, there are plenty of great options available to help you combat negative online reviews or comments. Check them out below:

Profile Defenders

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop that helps you with your online reputation management, then look no further than Profile Defenders. Profile Defenders gets rid of negative reviews on some of the most stringent sites, as well as sets up preventive methods to keep your reputation pristine. If defamation is your fear, then Public Defenders will cover every detail to a T. 


One of the best methods of protecting yourself online from bad press is by implementing preventive measures to ensure everything is smooth sailing. And with Buffer, that solution comes easy. Buffer allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place, which gives you the freedom to review and schedule posts before they go out to the public. Plus, by being able to knock out all your social media content beforehand, you can have your peers review the materials, as well as provide feedback on what needs to be improved. Trust me; this app can be a lifesaver.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a stupid simple tool you can use to find out where and when people are talking about you or your business. All it requires is setting up the credentials of what you’re trying to search, and Google will send you notification as to what’s being talked about. This can be incredibly useful in a variety of different ways, but especially with product launches as well as any feedback on recent press.

Google Analytics

Working similar to Google Alerts, Google Analytics can bring you the ability to see what type of traffic is visiting your site. This is important in the prevention of trolls, as well as examining where certain news about your company has been heard. Finally, as most of you might know, Analytics can be an excellent marketing tool in your holster as well.

Reputation Loop

Reputation Loop is an amazing marketing tool for getting quality reviews of your website. The platform gives you the ability to add and manage customers, asking them to review your product or service in the places it matters most. Especially imperative for b2c models, Reputation Loop can save you a ton on marketing while simultaneously bringing up the feedback you need.

Review Trackers

If you’re running an ecommerce platform, then it’s important you keep track of the types of reviews your customers are leaving. However, that’s why Review Trackers is such a great tool as it brings all those comments to the forefront, as well as allows you to properly manage and respond to them accordingly. Look into them if you’re looking to build your reputation, as well as engage more with your customer base.

Renegade Works

As a hybrid reputation and referral marketing platform, Renegade Works primary goal is to connect businesses and consumers in a meaningful way. As customers are more likely to refer someone to a company they had a positive experience with, Renegade Works aims to capitalize off that goal, saving you time in specifying your target audience.


Rankur is one of the top-tier management softwares, implementing a system that offers management, analytics, and social media data. This can be great for your firm in diversifying what you’re after, as well as providing up-to-date information on what you can do to improve. 



Protecting your online reputation can be one of the safest ways of making sure your potential revenue stream is secure. After all, all it takes is one bad review for word of mouth to spread like wildfire, which can hurt more in the long-term than you’d think. And with so many different avenues to keep up with in managing your presence online, what’s your reputation worth to you?