Don’t you think technology has gradually become an integral part of our daily lives? People all over the world rely on gadgets for some actions like organisation, communication and employment. It has become extremely common to see people talking on the cell phone and typing on a laptop. While mobile technology is impressive enough and helps us in more than one ways, there are some drawbacks as well in areas like public safety, health and education which need immediate address and concern. Mobile technology, of late, has become a necessary evil and in spite of knowing the cons, we fail to eliminate smartphones and other mobile gadgets from our lives.

From booking cabs while you’re on the road to buying clothes and everything else to shopping for mobile phone deals, now you can all that through your smartphone apps. It’s actually tough to not get emotionally attached with your phone which makes your life more convenient and simpler than before. Nevertheless, there are certain things which we all hate about smartphones and apps. What are they? Let’s jot down a list of some such things.

1. Driver distraction due to Lyft & Uber: One doesn’t need to document the dangers associated with distracted driving. Yet, in spite of knowing this, Lyft, Uber and some other app-based riding services have developed a market for drivers who have to sit behind the wheel and also keep fidgeting and looking at their smartphones. You’ll be rather surprised to know that an Uber driver has only 15 seconds to accept an assignment from a passenger and if he misses that, he misses the opportunity for making money. Multiple times, they have to use Google Maps and keep looking at them to take the right direction. Don’t you think driving apps should be designed in such a way that they minimize distraction?

2. Batteries that actually have longer life: Smartphone makers usually tell us to check batteries before the beauty of the gadget. Our opinion is that we don’t need phones which are thinner than paper but we need phones which don’t prompt us to keep an eye on the battery meter. We are too much engaged with our smartphones in our pockets but it is sad enough to note that the batteries don’t keep up. Previously, there were phones which allowed us to swap batteries but that option is gradually fading too. Although there are ways to compensate but all we need is a phone with a good battery life.

3. Requirement of email id almost everywhere: Would you prefer using our Wi-Fi hotspot? Just enter your email address! Do you want to try using our free photo editing app? If yes, please punch in your email ID! Are you buying that perfume? Give us your mail address! In an attempt to keep their marketing heat on, most of the companies are storing the email addresses of their customers in order to use them later. But should you be so flippant about giving them a vital piece of your online identity? This is nothing but invading your privacy for no reason.

4. Tracking nature of apps: You open some of the apps of the bigger brands for the first time and some of them will have the ability to track your location even when you’re not using it later on. Brands like Wal-Mart, Starbucks and some of the top airlines companies have access to your location “always” and they say that they need your location for better and advanced service. “Always” access to our location is nothing but privacy invasion and this should be done during some specific cases.

5. Apple requires a more open iOS: Apple brags too much about the quality of its services and apps but there are times when we prefer using alternatives on iPads and iPhones. When you tap a link in text, why can’t that page launch on Chrome. Apple definitely wants to ensure that everything is running and working but Apple wants us to stay within its own ecosystem so that we can buy other Apple hardware. This is bad!

So, while you’re getting so many deals through your smartphones and apps, you should take some time to ponder over the pitfalls of technology and how it is impacting our daily lives.