Nursing is a field that continues to change and evolve. As the population continues to age, you’ll find that the nursing field also expands. We're seeing people move into the elderly stages of their lives in record numbers.

And it’s these individuals that need to be cared for properly.

The rise in the number of opportunities in the nursing field has led to men and women entering nursing as a solid career with a positive outlook. The main changes that we’re seeing in the nursing field are:

1. Men are Entering the Field in Record Numbers

Men have started to enter the nursing field in increasing numbers since the 1970s, and the Bureau of Labor claims that this figure rose from 2.7% to 9.6%. When a nurse comes in to check on your vitals, the nurse may just be a male.

The stigma of nursing being a woman-only field has started to fade.

People fully understand that the nursing field is filled with opportunities, and the pay is superb. Nurses can earn a lot of money because there is so much available overtime. A lot of nurses are making six figures when you add in overtime.

2. Fashion is Evolving to Not Be Boring

The nursing world isn’t exactly known for its fashion. But we're now seeing a lot of changes to scrubs thanks to television shows and fashion companies. These companies know that stylish doesn’t have to mean impractical in the nursing world.

We're seeing more nurses wearing Grey’s Anatomy scrubs and tighter-fitting scrubs with unique styles.

It’s fun to dress in the nursing field again.

We're also seeing men have a variety of clothing options, allowing everyone to look their best when they’re helping patients.

3. Big Data is Helping Nurses Provide Better Care

Big data has started to change the world, and patients are able to receive better care as a result. With the inclusion of big data, nurses are able to pinpoint their patients’ needs more precisely. This has also started to be integrated into smart solutions for care.

Nurses can look at monitoring systems from their desks and keep a closer eye on their patients thanks to big data and smart technologies.

The goal of big data mining in the nursing field is to improve patient care, and it’s working very well. Nurses are teaming up with computer scientists to find solutions and information that they need to improve care.

Nursing is in a transitional phase, and the training has also become more formal and intense. We're seeing comprehensive training, and it’s a good thing with nurses taking on more responsibility in the nursing field.

Technology has reshaped the nursing field, and this has led to more accurate and efficient care.

The physical demands of nurses have been alleviated by technology in a lot of circumstances. The room for improvement has led to more specializations and highly trained nurses in the field.

As technology continues to improve, we’ll see higher levels of care. We’ll also see a field that has more male nurses, although it’s unlikely that men will come close to the level of females in the industry.

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