Whether you are going to personally decorate a section of your house to give it a handcrafted feel or just trying to help your child with his/her art and craft project, woollen art is quite a dependable route to take. It isn’t always the easiest project to handle, but it doesn’t always have to be super complicated either to be beautiful, as you will see next.

The Woollen Flower

You can order all the art and craft materials you need for the projects straight from Raaaft and have them delivered to your doorstep. A ball of wool, a pair of scissors, an even, straight round glass, a glue gun, and beads are pretty much everything that you will need for this one though.

How to do it

Wrap the strand around the glass for about 30 – 40 times (if it’s of the standard circumference) and then cut the strand from the main ball of wool. Push it off the glass to have a ring of woollen strand.

Now, cut another small piece of the strand (8 - 12-inches roughly) from the ball to tie the woollen ring right down the middle with two tight knots. At this point, there should be two equal loops on either side of the knots.

Cut both the loops down the middle with your scissors, spread the strands and flatten them till the whole thing starts resembling the petals of a flower.

Trim all the uneven strands till you are satisfied, before gluing a sufficiently large bead in the centre to act as the disc of your flower.

Create as many as you need or would like to, but for the sake of variety, use strands and beads of different colour each time.

Woollen Teddy Bear

You will need two balls of wool in red and pink, two medium-sized beads, multiple small beads, glue, a pair of scissors.

How to Do It

We will need

to make eight pom poms for the teddy bear in the following order.

  • One large and one small red pom pom for the body and the head
  • Six similarly sized pink pom poms for the ears and limbs (much smaller than the two red pom poms)

To create the pom poms, read the instructions for creating the woollen flower and follow it till you get to the point where you are supposed to spread and flatten the strands, but instead of flattening them to resemble flower petals, fluff them up as pom poms. Do remember that the rings will need to be at least twice as thick as is required to make the woollen flower and in addition to the glass, you will need two smaller objects with varying circumferences for the head, ears and limbs. Anything from a test tube to your own fingers will do just fine.

Once you have all the pom poms ready, glue the smaller red one (head) on top of the bigger pom pom (body). Now glue four smaller pink ones as limbs to the body and the remaining two pink pom poms to the head as ears. Don’t forget to push in the ears a little.

Glue the two larger beads as eyes on the head and form a smile shape with the smaller beads just below to complete your awesome yarn teddy.

Pom Pom Keychain

You will need 2 – 3 differently coloured woollen balls, a keychain, a pair of scissors and some string.

Now that you know how to make a pom pom, there’s not much to it really. Just make two to three small pom poms of different colours and attach them to the keychain with a string to have your pom pom keychain.

There are of course many other things that you can try, but these three will help you get started without feeling too overwhelmed.

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