Do you want to get the tan skin? But you are also aware of the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin cells. So, probably you must be searching for a method that can give you tanned skin but without causing any harm to your health. Most of us think that there is no such technique to get darker skin tone other than sunbath. But, we are wrong, artificial tanning methods are developed since the study showed that sunbathing has bad effects on our skin cells and it can increase the risk of cancer.

Shocked! It’s natural to be as till now we thought that the ozone layer protects us completely from the harmful rays of the sun. But, still, these rays can penetrate deep into our skin and damage our cells. Its effect is not seen frequently, but at later stages of life, one can experience the risk of cancer. Therefore, artificial ways are introduced. Tanning peptide, lotions, sprays and many else are some of the proven methods to get the gorgeous skin tone.

Gorgeous! Yes, you will be surprised to hear that in western culture people with bronzed skin tone are seen as beautiful and most appealing. A darker skin tone is the symbol of wealth that what people of western countries think. Whether you believe or not, tanning has many benefits that you cannot even think of. Surely you want to know about these benefits.

Let’s see the benefits of tanning:

Fortifies your skin-

As we all know that our body is covered by skin that is the largest organ of our body. It is exposed to dangers caused by the outside weather conditions. UV rays curtail the excessive oils

Production and soothes dry skin. It also triggers production of vitamin D. it keeps your skin healthy and thus protects it from infections. 

Weight loss-

The metabolism of your body increases when it is exposed to UV rays and reduces weight to some degree. It is a very good motivation for those who are tired of any healthy routine.

Vitamin D-

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that our body needs to decrease the aging process, cancer and osteoporosis.  When our skin absorbs UV rays, vitamin D is produced. Lack of this essential vitamin can cause health issues that can be as severe as heart disease. 

Helps in reducing stretch marks and scars-

Tanning makes your skin tone darker and thus hides your scars and stretch marks. Thus, a person needs not to go through any cosmetic surgeries to hide their scars. 

Now you understand how tanning, can improve your health.  but, let me remind you that natural sun tanning is not the best option because it will damage skin cells and put you at the risk of cancer. So, the solution is to use artificial tanning methods. In the beginning, you read some of the ways for artificial tanning, let’s see them in detail.

1. Tanning peptide

Melanotan 2 peptide is a peptide that increases melanin and changes your skin color from fairer to darker. It is simple to use and prove to be very effective than the natural method. Since it produces melanin naturally, thus, there is no harm in using it. But the key to getting most out of it is to use the correct dose of melanotan. 

Overdose will leave you with disappointment thus, use it in correct proportion.  Take the dose as per the label and follow it wisely to achieve the better results. You will get melanotan 2 peptide easily at the , online store lovemelanotan, medical store or cosmetic store; if not then go to the online stores. 

2. Tanning booth

It is a room inside which tanning process is performed. UVA and UVB lights are used to change your body color. Hardly, within few minutes you can see the result. Always, go to the reputed salon for artificial tanning.

3. Tanning lotion

It is a tanning product that is easily available in the stores. Buy the one that is good for the body and does not leave any side effects. Once you get the best tanning lotion, apply it all over your body and wait for some time. If you don’t know about its usage, then follow the directions given at the back of tanning lotion. You have to apply lotion for few weeks, and later you will see the incredible results on your body. It is the simple method thus most of the people prefer it. But don’t forget to choose the best lotion otherwise you can experience some side effects. 

4. Tanning beds

This method covers your entire body and gives you the satisfactory results. It is not as cheap as the above method as you cannot do it on your own. Well, you can’t even if you want to be because these beds are costly and only experts know how long to stay inside the box. You have to go to the parlor where such methods are used for getting an artificial tanned body. It is the best method to get pale skin in winter. Well, you may have to follow some instructions before lying on these beds. Experts in the centers will tell you about them and follow them correctly to get a darker skin.

So, these are the four methods of artificial tanning. You are free to choose any of them for effective results. However, if you ask experts, then the best option is to use tanning peptide. Why? The reason to choose them above all the above methods is that it offers the tan skin for the longer duration than rest of the methods. 

It usually lasts for few months even if a person stops taking tanning peptide. Thus, it is more effective and better option of artificial tanning. But, if you want the tan skin for few days for any occasion or due to any other reason than you can try other ways. 

Whichever way you get the desired skin tone, don’t forget that the tanning products from the manufacturer to manufacturer so, it’s up to you how careful you are while choosing them. Be careful as you don’t want to ruin your skin to look beautiful.

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