When it comes to getting work done, nothing beats grinding away on a computer. Is that really the case?

Although you have to check emails, keep tabs on monetary goals, update your website, and more, spending all that time in the office can actually have a negative effect on your business.

The surprising solution is to do a bit more traveling. Here are a few reasons why traveling can actually be good for your business.

A Retreat Can Help You Recharge, Regroup, and Reconnect

When we’re feeling a bit stuck at Anderson Advisors, we like to plan a company retreat. Sitting on the beach or playing cards in a lodge probably sounds like the opposite of a constructive business trip, but we beg to differ.

A business retreat can help you:

  • Recharge: No matter how passionate you are about your business, you can’t be all business, all the time. A business retreat allows you to move seamlessly between work and play, enabling you to recharge while you’re away.
  • Regroup: When you’re too close to a problem, it becomes nearly impossible to fix. A retreat can help you and your crew regroup to find new ways to approach a business issue.
  • Reconnect: Coworkers can easily become their position, losing their humanity the longer you hang out at the office. By taking a retreat, you can reconnect and remember that everyone has hobbies, families, and interests that may make them better employees, if only you would notice.

It Can Spur Creativity

Regrouping is a great way to approach problems from a new angle, but traveling can do much more than that. It can actually make you more creative.

Traveling naturally forces you to stretch your mental comfort zone. This enables your brain to work in new ways, broadening your perspective. Traveling could be the reason why you come up with an idea that you otherwise never would have had.

The type of travel doesn’t really matter either. A quick road trip can spur your creativity just as well as a month-long trip abroad.

It Encourages Human Interaction

There’s no doubt that technology has made communication easier, and that’s important for business. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has made communication better. Some would even go as far as to say that it’s destroying human interaction.

Whatever your view of social media, messaging, and email, it’s a must in business, but you should still take the time to have real interactions with real people. Travel is great for that.

Not only can you reconnect with the coworkers you’re traveling with, instead of sending them virtual memos all day, you can connect with business contacts in other areas. You also have the opportunity to network with new people face-to-face.

Don’t think for even one moment that traveling is a waste of time, and your time would be better spent on your computer. The opposite can actually be true. Try traveling a bit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it can freshen the perspective you have of your business.

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