Some years ago we really had no viable options available when we wanted to remove a tattoo. The truth is that the only thing that we could have done was to cover what we had. Nowadays, various tattoo removal techniques are available, including different types of laser removal, like the highly advanced Federal Way.

The problem is that most people have misconceptions when referring to laser tattoo removal. Make sure that you learn about this from professionals that really know everything about the process. This is basically the only way to be sure that the choice will be a good one. Remember this about laser tattoo removal!

Expectations Have To Be 100% Clear

Before you will go through with the treatment you have to understand that there is no removal process out there that will guarantee the results you want. It is a really good idea to work with a specialist or a cosmetic surgeon in order to see what expectations you should have. There are many cases in which only a part of the tattoo will disappear. In this case a shadow normally remains. In other cases the result will be a scar. Knowing expectations is a huge part of getting the best possible result. 

You Cannot Remove The Tattoo In One Day


Since there is a talk about laser, many tend to think that everything will be done in just one session. This is practically impossible. In reality, it is close to impossible to figure out how many sessions will be necessary. You will need to talk to the surgeon in order to get a good estimate about how many treatment sessions will be necessary. Proper analysis and check-ups are needed to determine an approximate session number. 

Intervals are needed between laser treatment sessions. A proper gap is needed because irritation and other side effects can appear. In most cases you should allow around 6 weeks to remove a tattoo. 

Body Location

Tattoo location has to be seen as crucial. It will have a really strong impact on how the result will be like. If you have a tattoo that was made on a body part that is sensitive, the removal process will be a lot tougher. At the same time, when we have tattoos created with fading effects on the legs and arms, you will have to go through more sessions. 

Amateur Or Professional Tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal success will depend on various factors. One of those that you most likely do not know about is who initially made the tattoo. The professional tattoos will penetrate the skin deeper. Ink is denser. Because of this, you should be aware of the fact that a professional tattoo will be much harder to fully remove. The amateur tattoo might even be completely removed. 

Surgeon Skill

Obviously, the person that will remove the tattoo also has to be investigated. Experience is the most important factor that has to be taken into account in this case. Always consider just those that have a high experience with laser tattoo removal procedures.