Wearable technology is the new buzzword when it comes to fitness and technological advancements. It’s fairly common to walk into a gym and see a man tracking his performance via a smartwatch or phone. However, that’s not the only high tech gadget hitting gyms around the world. 

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly more common to see these men donning smart workout shirts that are equipped to monitor every aspect of the body’s performance during exercise. And now, thanks to Ralph Lauren’s latest innovation, these high tech outfits look good too. Here are five fast facts about their new men’s smart activewear.

1. Activewear for Men Gets a Ralph Lauren Makeover 

Smart fitness clothing isn’t something brand new. High tech workout clothes have been around for a couple of years now, getting more advanced as technology and knowledge have developed. However, finding a line of smart clothing that’s also stylish has always been a challenge. 

Smart shirts are generally bulky with thick wires or buttons running through them, which is anything but attractive. Men are becoming more fashion conscious at the gym, and when it comes to wearable tech fashion and accessories, they don’t want to sacrifice form for function.

That’s when Ralph Lauren stepped in to create a high tech fashion line that could be worn for comfort, style, and performance. 

2. Ralph Lauren Is the First Luxury Fashion Company to Hit the Smart-Clothing Scene 

“There are no luxury fashion companies doing this,” David Lauren, EVP of advertising, marketing, and corporate communications told the Observer. “It’s durable, it’s well built, it’s the finest fabric you can get. And it’s going to last, like everything we make.” 

We’ve seen smart activewear from companies like Athos, but no big luxury clothing names have made high tech activewear investments until now. Now that Ralph Lauren has designed these new clothes, you can bet that other major fashion icons will jump in as well. 

3. Tiny Silver Fibers Monitor Performance 

The tiny silver fibers that run throughout the fabric of the shirt are made for measuring heart rate, breath, blood pressure, daily calories, and other standard performance metrics. The information is collected in real time through an accompanying Ralph Lauren mobile app, and because the fibers run along the body’s core, they’re more accurate as well. Users can utilize the information to tailor unique workouts, track progress, and note areas of improvement. 

4. The Clothing Is Good Outside the Gym Too

The Polo Sport line is so comfortable and easy to wear that it can be worn anywhere, anytime. David Lauren told the press that he chooses to wear the lightweight shirt under his work clothes so that they can monitor physical health and performance throughout the day. The information can be given to a doctor to ensure that the wearer is in good physical health. 

5. More Smart Clothing Will Be in Ralph Lauren’s Future 

Wearable tech is the future for the makers of activewear. More and more men are becoming interested in their health and wellness and the many ways to track it. Now that Ralph Lauren has entered the scene, they’ll likely continue to use smart fibers throughout a variety of their clothing lines in order to meet consumer demands and stay one step ahead of the upcoming competition as more luxury fashion brands begin developing the technology. 

Men’s activewear in every medium has already taken a turn towards improving both fashion and function. High performance materials that fit in with modern fashions are in high demand, and the company that can deliver a highly functional, but still stylish ensemble will be the company that profits the most from activewear in the future.

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