Dancing at weddings is obligatory. At least three dances have a big spotlight on them -- the first dance, the mother-son dance, and the father-daughter dance -- and the whole rest of the reception after cutting the cake and making the toasts is dedicated to dancing. You just can't avoid dancing.

At your own wedding, you will have all eyes on you as you dance for at least two of these dances and likely many more. Learning a few standards will show guests that you can do more than wrap arms around your partner and sway. Here are a few dances you should consider learning for your wedding:


The waltz is the basic box-step dance that so many couples dance at their weddings. It is popular because it is easy to learn and to perform. When you feel more comfortable with it, you can also dress it up with moves like twirls and dips. Look for classes that teach ballroom dances in NYC to find lessons for the waltz. You'll also get a nice primer on other ballroom dances that you might want to break out if the mood strikes.


The tango is a romantic and passionate dance. You've likely seen it in dozens of romantic comedies and dramas over the years. If you really want to wow your guests, you can dance a tango for your first dance. You can even get into a gorgeous tango dress and dance with the rose between your teeth.


If the tango is a little too hot under the collar for you, you can still enjoy an upbeat Latin dance with salsa. The salsa is a Latin ballroom dance, but it is more lively than ballroom dances like the waltz. Imagine doing some of the same box steps as the waltz but with some more fancy footwork and hip action thrown in, and you have a better idea of what salsa looks like. The Dance Reverie school in Queens, New York offers salsa alongside other ballroom dance lessons. You only get married once (hopefully). Take advantage of this opportunity to really strut your stuff and try out some dances you may never get to do again (unless you attend a ballroom dance event). You'll enjoy learning something new and add something to your skill set. 


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