Do you find blockbuster movie posters really eye-catching? This is what grabs the attention of thousands of people and makes them want to watch the whole movie. 

Career experts believe that the same technique can be used for resume writing in order to catch the eyes of prospective employers and make them want to call you for a job interview. 

So, what do you need to do to make your application document more attractive and tempting at first sight? How to grab the recruiters’ attention from the first minute? Here are a few useful pieces of advice.

Make Your Resume Professional

The first and foremost tip for making your job searching process smooth and successful is to create a professional and outstanding application document that is free from mistakes and easy to read. 

According to the 2016 research by CareerBuilder, 54% of recruiters mentioned they would reject a resume if it’s not tailored and customized. TheLadders survey on widespread resume errors showed that over 80% of mistakes in application documents are in the work experience descriptions or skills section. 

Some candidates rely on their own writing skills while others prefer to turn to a reliable resume writing company and get their application document crafted. The choice is yours but we recommend avoiding sleepless nights and dozens of tries when you can get a professionally-written resume in just a few days.

Blockbuster advice: There are amateur films and professional movies that are able to keep our attention until the end. Get your document crafted by real experts who are qualified in a certain field and know the secrets of job-winning resumes.

Strive for More

The labor market is quite competitive so the job hunting process may take a while. Jobvite 2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report stated that only 1 in 6 job applicants were asked for an interview. What can you do to boost your chances? There are two options for job hunters who are willing to land a decent job. 

On one hand, you may search for job openings that offer advancement opportunities. This option is more suitable for people who want to work in a large company with defined career promotions and career progression. On the other hand, those who are willing to find easy recognition and customer feedback can join a smaller organization where their contribution can make a difference. 

Blockbuster advice: Make your own research and find what attracts prospective recruiters in your field. Sometimes you may need to tailor a resume every time before you submit it to another company.

A Resume to Remember

Of course, movies that have memorable names, such as “Wonder Woman”, are easier to remember. This is a helpful and very important technique that works well not only for movies but also for application documents. Memorability originates from distinction so your aim is to make a resume that would not only catch the eye of HR managers but also stay in their mind and make them remember your application. This is especially necessary if you want your resume to be easily found from dozens of other applications when the HR manager decides to call you for a job interview. 

Blockbuster advice: Even if you have a common last name, try your best and find something that would make your application stand out and distinguish you from other candidates. Make your resume name a part of your own branding.

No matter what career you want to pursue, follow these tips and make your resume more like a blockbuster movie full of action and eye-catching moments.

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