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Horrors, Action, Comedy, Romance, or Amination? There are loads of movie genres, though most people have their personal preferences as to what they like to watch. Let’s look at some movies that are to be out soon!

Everything, Everything- 19th May,2017: Directed by Stella Meghie this romance based movie is about a teenager that struggles with her life when she meets the boy next door. Maddie’s life has revolved around her house, her mother, her nurse and home schooling since young. Maddie is set on exploring, but soon her adventures go down a rough path.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales- 24th May, 2017-  Captain Salazar has it out for Captain Jack Sparrow in the fifth sequel of the movie. Back with his dead crew that had escaped the Bermuda Triangle, they are bent on killing all the pirates at sea, but a specific one. Sparrow’s only hope for survival forces him to form an alliance with Carina the astronomer. Will he survive?

The Mummy- 9th June 2017-  Princess Ahmanet’s was to be named the next queen of Egypt. Driven by her thirst of power she was sealed for life in a tomb due of her evil doings. A team of specialists discover the tomb of the ancient princess and is later awakened causing havoc in the world driven by claiming back what was once hers.

Wonder Woman- 2nd June 2017- Once known as the princess of the Amazons, Diana was trained to be a warrior. Sensing the troubles going on in the world, Diana leaves her home believing that she can stop the threat being caused. As she fights shoulder to shoulder with soldiers, she discovers her true abilities.

Dunkirk- 21st July 2017- The World War II thriller is based in the north of France. When Germany headed to France, allies took cover underground after the evacuation to a harbour in Dunkirk. The troops must move out before the Nazi invade the city.  Will 400,000 men make it out to safety?

Thor: Ragnarök- 25th October, 2017- The God of Thunder is once again stuck on the other side of the world and finds himself in a contest against his avenger The Hulk. Ragnarök has planned to destroy Asgard and stop the civilization with the help of Hela. Will Thor win the contest? Will he manage to stop Hela?

The Emoji Movie- 4th August 2017- Taking place inside of a smartphone, emoji’s have created a world for themselves called Textopolis. As all emoji’s have only one facial expression, one of them have multiple expressions and he goes on an adventure to become a normal emoji. Will Gene succeed on his mission?