Fantasy movies start grabbing many movie lovers’ hearts. Start from the frightening fairy tale like Red Riding Hood to the scary urban-legend-based movies, the new concept of this movies is so amazing that many viewers found a distinctive excitement.

Even the scary movies turn into a romantic-theme movie with the so-called scary character like vampire was beautifully shaped in movie like Twilight, the movie adaptation based on bestseller novel in the same title written by a brilliant writer, Stephenie Meyer. Today, another vampire-themed movie will soon be released with the A-list actor to be the star, Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler is chosen to contribute his voice in a vampire character in the new movie entitled Prince of Darkness, Dracula. In this movie, he will be coupled again with his co-star in “Grown Ups” movie, Kevin James. The “Just Go With It” actor will dub the voice of the character who in the story is characterized as a vampire who is over-protective to his daughter namely Mavis.

In order to secure his daughter from evil influence, the Prince of Darkness decided to build five luxurious resorts as his family dwelling. They live peacefully side by side with another famous character, Frankenstein, mummy, werewolves without human being coming to interfere.

Movie lovers should be very curious of how this movie will turn out. Of course this expectation is reasonable learning that the technology of 3D has been magnificently developed and they even get smoother and lifelike. The Prince of Darkness takes advantages of the improved 3D technology to bring in the new genre of vampire movies.

The vampire-themed movies start growing, especially after Twilight gained its worldwide popularity, Hollywood movies deliver new air for many viewers. Through this movie, Adam Sandler is trusted to present the comedy vampire story for the new generations.

Compared to “Hotel Transylvania”, Adam’s new vampire character is expected to introduce the new vision about frightening, desperately scary vampire with a new look and character. The Prince of Darkness is a comedy-themed movie to deliver the lighter theme compared to other vampire movies that majorly bring gloomy, darkness, and serious sense.

Without the purpose to damage the real Dracula character, The Prince of Darkness is formulated with a different story and the major character, Prince Dracula, to give a new innovation about vampire. This movie is rumored to release in most US cinemas in September 21, 2012. Well, movie lovers should expect September to come soon.

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