We watch the movies in complete awe of the cool gadgets and high level of technology that is shown. The movies that come to mind when talking about gadgets are, of course, the James Bond movies and the mysterious and quirky “Q” who designs and disperses all of the ground breaking gadgets and high tech devices. Eventually, modern day tech catches up with the futuristic imagination of the movies and movie magic comes becomes a reality. Here are some great examples of gadgets and tech from the movies that you can get now, even if you don’t have a license to kill:

Underwater Camera. In Thunderball back in 1965 James Bond uses an underwater camera as one of his special gadgets. Underwater cameras are readily available today. The same scene also introduced the idea of underwater jet propulsion, another gadget that is available now.

Bullet Proof Glass in Cabs. Bullet proof glass partitions in a taxi cab made its film debut in the cab driving scene in 1973’s Live or Let Die. However, in this rare case, the real life tech actually preceded the film, Taxi cabs started to have bullet proof glass installed as early as 1967

Car Phone. In From Russia with Love, James Bond was ahead of his time in 1963 with the car phone issued to him from Mi6. Nowadays, the car phone is actually a thing of the past, as is the pager also used in this film since we have even more advanced technology, mobile smartphones.

Invisible Car. In 2002, Die Another Day, James Bond sports an invisible car. Possibly the ultimate Bond gadget was replicated 10 years later by Mercedes utilizing the same technology described in the movie, led screens that project the image behind the car, camouflaging it with its own surroundings. Mercedes reasoning behind their invisible car, was only to achieve a tactical advantage in the advertising world and represents the invisible impact their eco-friendly cars have on the environment.

Lasers. In Goldfinger back in 1964 the evil villain threatens to dissect Mr. Bond with his laser device. Today lasers are prominent technology, everywhere from laser pointers in pens to surgical lasers.

Small Spy Cameras. The small spy camera first debuted for Mr. Bond in 1969 in Her Majesty’s Secret Service in the form of a small handheld camera the size of a large pen. Just like in real life, the movie tech advanced as well. In 1985’s A View to a Kill, James Bond’s spy camera is so small, it fits in his ring.  In real life, cameras are getting even smaller and are hidden everywhere from glasses to children’s toys.

Seiko Digital Watch. James Bond’s high tech watch in For Your Eyes Only from 1981 allows him to communicate and receive digital communications. Digital watches are prevalent today and Apple is reportedly working on an iWatch.

Fingerprint Scanner. When James Bond needed to identify fingerprints in 1971 Diamonds are Forever, he used an inventive new gadget to scan fingerprints. Today this technology is available for purchase on Amazon.

Polarized Sunglasses. In 1985’s Bond film A View to a Kill, the latest spy tech is in the form of polarized sunglasses that allow him to see through tinted windows. Glasses technology today has surpassed mere polarization technology, and also incorporated music, mobile phones, and Google is working on putting the technology of the internet inside their latest invention.

Touchscreen Computer Technology. MI6 agents use a touchscreen computer to gather intel on suspects. That technology is present today in iPads, tablets, and the new Windows Surface computers.

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