We see him as one of the coaches of NBC’s “The Voice.” However, his role in that TV show isn’t the one that made him famous and well-known, it is his music. From a simple countryside lifestyle, to a contemporary radio fare, Blake Shelton had it all. His songs might have different styles but they have one thing in common, a great vocal prowess. 

With more than 20 No. 1 hits, making a top 5 list of Blake Shelton’s greatest hits is quite difficult. However, the following songs sure helped him to be where he is right now. 

“Lonely Tonight” 

From Blake Shelton’s eighth studio album, “Bringing Back The Sunshine,” this song is featuring Pistol Annies’ Ashley Monroe. The song talks about a “bittersweet one night stand.” Some people describe this traditional country song as a “dark love song” while others think its “relatable and heartbreaking.” However, whatever people think about the song doesn’t make it any less great. In fact, “Lonely Tonight” got a Grammy Award nomination for Best Country Duo/Group Performance back in 2014, adding more fame to Blake Shelton.

“Ol’ Red”

According to a country music news, George Jones and Kenny Rogers also recorded this song, Jones in 1990 and Rogers three years after. However, it was Blake Shelton who made this song land in the Top 20 chart. One of the signature songs of Blake Shelton, “Ol’ Red” is the third single from his self-titled album. Eventhough this song didn’t reach the Top Ten, it became a concert favorite.  

Back in 2010, Blake Shelton told the reason why this is one his favorite songs, he said that it was the very first song he found when he moved to Nashville. Thereafter, he held onto that song for many years and he had to fight to get it on his album. He added that another battle took place when they were making the video for the song. He and his team thought that even though they liked the song, nobody thought that it would be accepted in any country music radio and by fans in general. However, as it turned out, everybody loved it and the song became one of the biggest hits of his career (the other one was Austin).

“Honey Bee”

A perfect love song for a budding romance, this hit is Blake Shelton’s 9th No. 1. Did you know that this song broke Garth Brooks’ 12-year record for the most downloads in just one week? Written by Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip, “Honey Bee” is said to be a happy accident, from huckleberry to honey suckle and honey bee. This song proved itself as a success when it became No. 1 on the Billboards Country Music Chart back in July 2011 and when Blake Shelton received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Country Solo Performance.

“Hillbilly Bone”

Together with Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton received the ACM Award for Vocal Event of the Year in 2010 with “Hillbilly Bone.” Did you know that Blake Shelton got drunk after shooting this song’s music video? In an interview he said that he was drunk at the end of the video. He had a couple of shots and he was drinking straight out of a wine bottle. In addition, the bottle of wine was not a prop, it was the real deal! After that, he said that hasn’t drank wine since that day. This redneck anthem is a novelty. It’s dynamic, catchy and funny.


This is the first single on his debut album and the best love song of Blake Shelton. This hit is very famous not only here in America but also in other countries. “Austin” is allegedly a true story and it never fails to inspire everybody who had listened to this song. A story telling a song of a woman from Austin trying to call her past lover. She dialed his number and was greeted by an answering machine explaining where he could be. At the end of the message from the answering machine, he said “P.S. if this is Austin, I still love you.” Now tell me that ain’t sweet and that this is not the best hit of Blake Shelton.

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