Hermione Granger, the sorcerer fellow of Harry Potter is the supporting female character in Harry Potter movies, the movie series adapted from J.K. Rowling novels. Hermione is played by Emma Watson, the now’s rising star with a great talent.

The last sequel, the final one which means the end of the Harry Potter series, makes Emma Watson broke into cry when the filming ended for, yes, forever. Of course she was so sad because she has been Hermione since the first sequel of Harry Potter. It seems that this movie represents her life as she grows up during the filming of the movies.

Quoted by Contact Music from television show ‘Day Break’, Emma Watson said that she couldn’t stop crying and she just let the tears to flood her face right after her last action. She said honestly that the moment was so emotional and sad that she couldn’t control herself for stop crying. Her sadness is reasonable learning that she will be no longer be able to act as Hermione.

This emotional moment happened when Rob Marshall, the director of “Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” said that her acts were done, as well as Rupert Grint who acts as Ron Weasley. After the director said what he had to say to Emma Watson, her tears started to flow unstoppable. She said that made her down.

Emma Watson took the role as Hermione Granger when she was 10 years old. This was her first film which then made her name blossoming around the globe. It is also the reason why Hermione Granger is glued to her image wherever she goes. During the period, she lived with Harry Potter and become the unbreakable part until today in her 21 year old of age.

However, she realized that sadness shouldn’t take her best moment and she is ready to leave her emotional state and welcome the new movie with new challenges. Of course the new character can be far different from her previous character but movie viewers should expect the new of Emma Watson in her new “skin”.

Emma Watson holds Harry Potter as her best experience in her acting career because this is the movie where she grows up and learns so much about the world of acting. She is proud to take important part in Harry Potter sequel and she doesn’t mind to be associated with Hermione Granger.

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