Boring routines of Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) as the new agent of CIA in which he serves as temporary prison guard for sought after US fugitive in Cape Town, South Africa is suddenly becoming to be tensing due to Tobin frost (Denzel Washington) present.

Tobin Frost is known as Fugitive big fish of CIA because he considered as US betrayal due to leaking secret agent identity to get his own benefits.

When Tobin Frost is interrogated by US intelligent at the temporary prisons he guard, suddenly other secret agent try to attack and seize the fugitive. In order to protect Tobin safety, Matt try hardly to save the prisoner stay live and could be judged by the country.

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Succeed in achieving a satisfying feat since releasing at early February 2012, now Chronicle movie is known that has been preparing the sequel to continue the success achieved beforehand.

According to the news, at the time, 20th Century Fox party contract the Chronicle manuscript writer that is Max Landis to continue the story. Meanwhile the film director, Josh Trank until this time still couldn’t be ensured involved in Chronicle 2.

In spite of the huge number of production cost which has spent over 12 million dollars, but in fact they have succeeded to reach the profit up to 105 million dollars within 33 days since released at February 3, 2012.

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No doubt that John Rambo character in “First Blood” (1982) movie is to be a widescreen work which is able to raise the name of Sylvester Stallone in Hollywood acting world. As if he were not satisfied starring the fourth movies, at the time Sylvester Stallone confesses that he still has an ambition to work on Rambo 5.

Despite still having an ambition to continue the adventure story of Rambo, but Sylvester Stallone apparently begin to consider killing the character of Rambo in this Rambo 5.

The leak of the story, Stallone has said that he was imagine Rambo will be at the Arizona border where he gets involved to go to Mexico. Rambo does not like Mexico so that Stallone consider making Rambo character died in there.

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What will happen when a teenager suddenly obtains certain special power as though superhero? Of course such a teenager will be shocked and then addicted to apply the power over and over.  

The Chronicle Movie tells about three teenagers named Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan), Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) and Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) who inadvertently found such a cave whereas it is found a mysterious object inside. When they touch three things which is similar to star form, the cave circumstance suddenly bright which previously absolutely dark and make those fainting.

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