Sometimes for security reason, people would like to put any transparent writing or logo on private photos or the other digital creatures. Nowadays there is buy and sell activities through online everywhere without any physical building they have. One thing they can rely on is publishing the pictures of the things they sell.

Some of those who publish their photos publicly give a logo watermark to secure it. If you have no idea how to make it, follow these several steps for editing your private photos so that you can secure it from any stealing.

Open Logo File
Open the logo file you want to give watermark on Adobe Photoshop. Push ctrl+A and there will appear the dotted lines aourdn the logo page. Then push ctrl+C then close this logo file.

Open Artwork File
Open the file of the photo or Artwork you want to put watermark on and then push ctrl+V. The logo file copied will appear on the photo file. If the size is too big, click Move Tool to show the pointer up and push shift while pushing the edge part of the pointer.

Slide the pointer to the inside direction so that the size will be smaller. Do vice versa if you want to expand the logo. But you want to expand it, pay attention to the resolution. If the image has a small resolution, it’s better not. after finished, just click enter.

Position the Logo
Now position the logo to the place you want as long as the Move Tool still be active. By pushing ctrl, position the cursor in the middle of the logo image and slide it to the preferred position. Makes sure it will not cover the prime focus of the photo.

Make the Logo to be Transparent
Pay attention to the opacity on the Layer Tab on the right side. The higher the opacity, the low the transparency of the logo will be. Click on the triangle button on the left to get the transparent. Do not ever be lower than 20 %.

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