Human will always be cheerful to see and adore a shape and variation of face either through a mirror or other side. Taking picture emotionally with the character of somebody closely naturally is hard to do for a photographer. The character that images the mood and emotion of the person as the object might give you a draw about her or his lifestyle.

However, it is such a challenge or the photographer. So, let’s talk more about the tips from master to create a great unique classy portrait.

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Fog appearance must disturb photographers when snapshotting. The fog will extremely lessen the quality of the image. With the foggy weather, a photographer will attempt to take more effort to condition the area so that the fog will make increase the art of the photography instead of making it worse. For example, when you take a photo at foggy morning, you will find the photo taken look mysterious.

You need to know that taking picture in foggy circumstance is very different with taking picture in the normal condition. The ricochet fog can trick the lightmeter of the camera so that the snapshot to be more dark. In order to fix this problem and make the shot result better, you need a special trick when documenting the foggy object.

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For you who want to deal with photography seriously, you need to know that photography is not just taking a shoot on an object. It is not that simple. There are many things you need to master in order to be a photographer. One of those is the photo composition. Basically, the composition consists of several types such as the colour line, the dark and light, the pattern and so forth. Making composition is pretty difficult and it needs full of concentration. These are some factors you need to pay attention more before making composition on your photo.

Subject of the photo or point of interest

Photo subject is usually called POI (Point of Interest). This POI is the starting point in creating a photo composition. For determining good composition, you need to determine the proper photo. Actually, the main goal of giving the photo subject is in order to make the viewers of the photo easier in understanding the photo. One technique in photography to fix this problem is by making the subject greater and more prominent than the other things in the photo.

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Camera is one of the main gadgets should be owned by people nowadays. With the camera, people are able to keep every moment on their live so that they are able to memorize them at future. Besides having fun to keep your every moment each time, it is also very useful for you who want to show something to others which could not see what you see.

By taking a certain moment in image through camera, you already get a chance to perpetuate the moment to be re-memorized later when you want it. Can you imagine how loss you are when you just do a certain activity but you only save it into your mind?  If you do not have any camera yet, maybe it is time for you to purchase it as fast as possible.

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