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Written by SLands   
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 01:37

The Algarve, Portugal's southern-most region has been a top holiday destination for Brits since the 1960s. The long stretches of golden sands, beautiful rocky coves and picturesque bays continue to attract holidaymakers to the Portuguese coast all year round.

How to get there

The only international airport on the Algarve is located just three kilometres from downtown Faro, so it's fairly easy to access the majority of resorts along the south coast.

There are 19 UK airports serving Faro Airport, so if you're traveling from anywhere in Britain, you'll only be around three hours away from the Portuguese sunshine. Other travel options include driving through the excellent network of motorways across continental Europe.

eTips for Tourists to Travel India PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 10:35

The world is a beautiful place if you have the eyes to see its beauties. India is one of those places on Earth that’s a world within the world. The amazing beauty of India makes it a must visit country for people willing to get closer to mother earth. The breathtaking beauty of the beaches in Goa, incredible hill stations, deserts of Rajasthan, epitome of love “The Taj Mahal” and many such places make India a tourist paradise. In spite of all these natural beauties, as a tourist you need to be cautious and adhere to some eTips that I am going to put forward below:

The Safety Factor

The first and foremost thing you need you need to worry is about your safety. To remain safe in India, keep your money and all other travel documents together. The transportation system in India is often overcrowded. So, beware of pickpocketing. If you lose your passports or any other travel documents, lodge an FIR at the nearest police station.

7 Must-Have Apps To Plan Your Summer Vacation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Megan McDonough   
Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:24

It happens every year. Winter slowly fades away and before you know it, it’s springtime and you’re scrambling to finalize your summer vacation plans. Dealing with expensive airfare and overpriced hotels certainly doesn’t feel like a vacation. Fortunately, like all things in life, there are always shortcuts in getting the most bang for your buck when planning travel. From start to finish, you can plan your summer getaway with a little help from these seven mobile apps that make travel planning feel less like work and more like… vacation.

Get Inspired with TouristEye

Before you can even start planning your summer vacation, you have to know where you are going and sometimes, that’s the toughest challenge to overcome. For travelers with a severe case of wanderlust, TouristEye helps you narrow down your list of dream destinations based on your personal tastes and preferences. TouristEye takes this information and creates a personalized list of suggested destinations well suited to your interests. It’s sort of like a one-stop-shop for inspiration. You can stop here or continue using the app to plan the rest of your trip, bookmark places of interest and share your adventures with your friends and family.

After You’ve Decided to Donate Your Boat — The Next Steps PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Friday, 12 April 2013 10:26

Once you’ve finished donating a boat to the charity of your choice, what’s next? When it comes to the final part of the donation process, everything must be carried out smoothly so your boat can be properly donated.

At this point, make sure your boat can be moved in a reasonable period of time as well as meet the person who will be picking up your boat. You need to hand off extra items that might come with your boat, including life jackets, radar units, bumpers and other miscellaneous items. You also need to make sure you’ve removed personal items from the boat.

By doing so, you ensure the entire boat donation process goes according to plan and all loose ends are tied up.

Why Communication Skills Are Crucial for Leaders PDF Print E-mail
Written by Heather McCrae   
Friday, 29 March 2013 02:21

When you think of the skills that are crucial for leaders, certain factors come to mind. Confidence. Quick-thinking. Consistency. Charisma. Another important skill? Effective communication; in fact, some argue that communication skills are the most important skills a leader can possess. Having a vision and a plan is not enough unless you are able to effectively communicate those goals and get buy-in from those you’ll be working with. If you can’t clearly articulate — in writing or verbally — your goals and how to get there, then you’ll most likely fall flat as a leader.

Barriers to Communication

Almost everyone has worked with a leader who lacked communication skills. Perhaps instructions were muddled — or you had no idea why you were doing certain tasks, other than you were told to do so. Perhaps your ideas were ignored or you never really had an in-person conversation with your leader, since most of the communication in the office took place over email or via phone.

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