It seems that Robert Downey Jr so glad to tease and give a hope to the Iron Man’s fans. His recent statements seem so confusing. Previously, he said that there will be no any project or talk about Iron Man 4. He joked that he only wanted to play in the Iron Man if only Mel Gibson who is the director.

But, recently he confirmed that he is in the middle of talking about the movie. He said that at the time when he came to a talkshow guided by Ellen DeGeneres. When being asked about his involvement into the Iron Man 4, he said that he is in the negotiation step.

Of course his statement makes the Iron Man’s fans so glad. Sadly, only in few days, the actor of the movie The Judge changed his statement. Reported by Aceshowbiz, he rejects about the discourse of Iron Man 4. This statement was told by him into a talkshow guided by David Letterman.

David Letterman said that there is no plan about Iron Man 4. Downey also said that there is no script for Iron Man 4 but they have a plan and he think that they will announce it. Besides, Downey also said that he has another thing with Marvel. He involves into Marvel’s project. There will be so much fun later.

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