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Written by SLands   
Friday, 30 November 2012 14:22

Rainy days can ruin all kinds of plans - sporting events, date nights, or your kids social events. Sometimes a storm can make it just too dangerous to drive and sometimes just a little drizzle means you don't feel like getting dressed up and going out like you'd planned.

How can you avoid feeling trapped, bored, and disappointed? You could surf the internet and hit refresh on your Facebook feed continuously, or you could take that nap you've been longing for. Or you could pop some popcorn and settle in with some hot chocolate and try out the Comcast movie options through Xfinity TV. Either online or through your TV set, these movies are all available streaming and perfect for a rained-out day.

If the whole family is hanging out, you could try a family friendly flick. Harry Potter gives you and your kids hours of magic - and if you're rained out all day, you can have a Harry Potter movie marathon. If you're feeling more musical, you can check out the new Muppets movie, which is a fun new twist with the classic Muppets characters. You could also pick an animated film like The Road to El Dorado, a funny, adventurous story that's entertaining for both kids and adults.

Rainy days might also just mean you curled up on the couch with time to kill. In that case, you might want to check out a documentary that you might not otherwise watch. I'm Still Here with Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck, was highly controversial when it was being filmed and critically acclaimed with it was finally released. IMAX Deep Sea, a much quieter documentary, is a tremendous film about the secrets of underwater life and the power and importance of the ocean.

Midnight in Paris is a movie with indie feel but an all-star cast (including Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams). It includes elements of magical realism, comedy, literature, and time travel. It has the feel of a drama with moments of real humor - a deeply contemplative movie perfect for a day stuck in time out from the world.

Stormy nights might also be the perfect night for a horror movie. Fright Night is a the story of a boy trying to avoid his vampire neighbor. The version done in 2001 includes David Tennant and Colin Farrell, but the original from 1985 is a cult classic, and both are fun with just enough terrifying and jostling moments to shock you. The Academy - award winning Black Swan is a full on psychological thriller about a ballerina slowly sinking into pyschosis from the pressures of her family and work. The audience gets to see her eerie decent into madness and how it affects everyone around her.

Finally, Wes Anderson movies are typically perfect for rainy days. His movies are slow moving, often spiritual or questioning, and always full of quirky, very real and flawed characters. Summer is the time for action-packed blockbusters - rainy monsoons are the time for pensive, deep, and deliberate movies that try to raise and answer the important questions about life and love. Two of his moves that do that particularly well are Moonrise Kingdom and The Darjeeling Limited. They are by no means boring - the characters are complex and interesting and thoughtful - films thoughtful enough to take over your rainy afternoon or evening.

Rained-out days don't have to mean ruined days. You can turn to your TV to find a new favorite movie or possibly check out something you might not have watched otherwise. There are so many choices for every taste and mood and it's now never been easier to keep busy to find a great rainy day movie.


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