There are many reasons to hop on a plane and travel the world. You might do a little exploring just for fun, you might be offered a job in another country, or you may choose to study abroad. Still others take off for a better life while leaving family and friends behind.

No matter why you’ve left Nicaragua, it is important that you send your family these things.


The most popular thing to send to family back home is money. It is a must if you’ve traveled to another country, like the United States, to make money for the sole purpose of supporting your family.

It’s also possible that you’re a student who wants to send a monetary gift back home for a special occasion. No matter what the reason, you can bet your loved ones back home will appreciate it.

You just have to make sure you choose the right money transfer service. The right one will have low fees, quick delivery, and a great exchange rate.

Something Tasty They've Never Had Before

One great thing about traveling to other countries is the fact that you get to try the local cuisine. From apple pie in the United States to escargots in France, there is no shortage of tasty things to sample.

Unfortunately, you can’t exactly box up and send a warm slice of apple pie to your family, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other tasty things you can send your loved ones!

Make a quick stop at the local gas station or grocery store and look for popular candy in the area where you’re staying. Chances are, you will find stuff you’ve never seen before. Box it up and send it back home and your family will love trying the new treats you found!

Stuff That's Expensive Back Home

Culture often evolves based on what’s affordable in the area. That’s why seafood is always big in coastal areas, but not so much inland. However, in today’s globalized economy, we all want to get our hands on stuff that may not be so cheap back home.

Send some of that stuff to your loved ones! A few examples might include:

# Fashion, like silk or denim, that is hard to find back home
# Electronics, like tables and E-readers
# Food items, like spices or maple syrup

Photos and Updates on Your Experiences

All the stuff on this list so far is sure to make your family happy while you’re away from home, but they will likely appreciate learning about what you’re up to even more. One great way to do that is by sharing pictures.

There are tons of opportunities online to share pictures, but you can also use services like Shutterfly to print images that can be sent back home.

Just because you aren’t at home doesn’t mean you can’t show your family you care! With these tips, you can continue to be a part of your family’s life even while you’re traveling or living overseas.

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