In the realm of digital marketing, the term ‘customer engagement’ holds immense importance. Engaging with your customers in real time is indispensable for delivering them the best possible experience. It not only contributes to the growth of the business but also adds true value towards its primary goals. When you measure the top ‘engagement metrics’ throughout the marketing funnel, you develop an understanding of how poorly or brilliantly your marketing is performing. Hence, let’s discuss 6 most crucial engagement metrics that marketers in any SEO company in India or abroad need to keep a close eye on. We have also included some actionable strategies to improve them in order to perk up your business bottom line.  

Reach Of Content

Crafting a brilliant piece of content, which will resonate well with your audience, is an art. But if you want to know how it is working actually, you have to measure your ‘content reach’. It primarily defines the understanding of the total number of unique users and readers who consume your content while geographic locations, types of device, and social shares are other elements to consider. 

However, Google’s algorithm updates have been impacting the organic content reach heavily and boosting it needs wise allocation of budget and resources. Opt for paid promotion including sponsored social posts and collaboration with influencers in your vertical, which will amplify your content to extend its reach and tap into a wider audience. 

Average Time On Page

You maybe develop amazing content, but you will never understand how your users are actually engaging with it unless you measure the ‘average time on page’. This Google Analytics metric is a little tricky to measure and often confused with the ‘time on site’, but it is basically recorded as an average of only those users who did not bounce from the page. It is even better to measure the ‘scroll depth’ along with the ‘average time on page’ as together they work as a more accurate metric. 

When it comes to enhancing engagement, it is essential to treat your content as your asset. Run A/B tests in a regular manner in order to identify the improvement opportunities and keep experimenting with new ideas to eliminate the potential points of friction. This will make your users scroll to the bottom of the page and spend more time on it. 

Conversation Rate

Your social media marketing efforts will never translate into enough engagement without regular measurement of social comments. However, the ‘comment count’ does not reflect the overall sentiment of the conversation, and here comes the importance of the ‘conversation rate’ (total comments / total reach X 100). Precisely, this metric helps understand how interesting a post is for initiating engagement against the total impressions (includes both your followers and non-followers). 

Needless to say, an interesting social content will result in better user engagement as well as higher conversation rate. Therefore, check your social media analytics and find out the posts, which generated spikes in reach and engagement in past years. Then, put your best efforts in creating similar content. 

Brand Awareness

This may seem to be a not-so-important factor in terms of engagement, but branding is, in fact, a critical step towards a sale. Figure out the number of brand query searches from the Google Search Console, which is known to be the best way to measure ‘brand awareness’. You can also consider social mentions, inbound links, and reviews to know who are searching for your brand name. 

Brand awareness is directly proportional to content production. Leave no stone unturned to come up with informative, useful, and compelling content that will also represent your brand value at the same time. You can even boost your brand building efforts by using retargeting ads for capturing users who have already visited your website. 

Email Engagement

As a marketer, you must already know how effective email marketing is and measuring ‘email engagement’ is imperative to ensure its success. While ‘conversion rate’ is the biggest element of this metric that defines how well the ultimate goal of the email is achieved, some other important elements are ‘open rate’, ‘click-through rate’, and ‘forwarding/sharing rate’ which also give insights into how recipients are engaged with it. 

The best way to increase the email engagement is to test and optimize each element of the metrics one at a time, which will lead to a higher conversion rate and deliver a better ROI eventually. Be it the subject of your email or the landing page associated with it, make sure that each and everything is clear, apt, and persuasive. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Last but not the least; measure how happy and satisfied your audience are with your product or service with the help of the ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS). Ask your customers how likely they would be to recommend your brand through your website or a simple email survey and categorize them into ‘promoters’, ‘passives’, and ‘detractors’ based on the scores. This metric is the best indicator of your overall business performance.   

If you are aiming at greater customer satisfaction, try improving your NPS to convert passives and detractors into promoters. Identify the pain points of your customers and eliminate them as much as possible. Conversely, focus on amplifying what are loved by your customers. Your promoters can help you spread your brand message and acquire new customers significantly.

In a nutshell, top engagement metrics are the key indicators for your marketing success anytime. No matter on which platforms your audience are active, measuring the elements of this engagement metrics will help you nurture them, keep them engaged, and improve each touch point to make the most of your efforts.

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