Investing can sound like a financially complex word. Investing is what veteran financers like Warrant Buffet do, right? Actually, even ordinary people can invest and it’s something personal finance experts actually encourage regular earners to do. Being an investor doesn’t always mean getting involved in the stock market. Stock trading can be volatile and the risks associated can be high. If a stock investor doesn’t make tens of thousands of dollars per month, it can be nearly impossible to recover from a major shortfall. Therefore, here are several interesting ways non-stock traders can invest and increase overall wealth:

1. Real Estate

Buying, selling, and renting out property is one of the most popular methods of investment overall. Real estate investment is not particularly reserved for those with fat savings accounts. Anyone can become a real estate investor. Rent out a room in the house, and voila, you are earning income on your property. Serious real estate investors can buy property, develop land for commercial purposes, or sell property. Land always has value, especially if it’s arable. Most real estate developers make money buying and selling in thriving urban areas. Realtors are not directly involved in the stock market, and therefore, can always earn a profit.

2. Sports

Being a sports fan can actually be financially lucrative in addition to being mentally rewarding. Popular sports, like baseball, soccer, and football, are also major commercial ventures. Instead of making bets on which sports team would win on fantasy games, sports fans can invest directly in promising sports teams. Veteran financiers, like Jason Sugarman, earn huge profits by co-owning sports teams. Most people may not have the capital to enter into an ownership deal, but can still buy stakes in teams and athletic merchandising franchises to earn some extra cash. 

3. Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposits, sometimes called fixed deposits, are considered one of the safest ways ordinary earners can invest. Fixed deposits work similarly to owning a savings account. However, money is not regularly deposited as with a savings account. Instead, an investor can deposit a significant amount of cash with a bank whereas the money will not be eligible for withdrawal for a year or more. During this fixed time period the deposit will grow at a designated interest rate. Interest rates for fixed deposits are typically higher than for savings accounts. 

4. Precious Metals

Gold and silver never go out of style as investment vehicles. Precious metals offer investors the advantage of acting as a hedge against a currency devaluation. When the value of the dollar goes down, the value of precious metals goes up. Investors who are worried about another recession wiping out cash wealth can buy precious metals to hedge against losses.

It’s highly recommended that regular income earners think seriously about saving money and investing for the future. The investments made today will bear fruit in decades from now on, when it’s time for retirement. Without timely investments, a regular income earner could seriously financially stumble in later years.

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