Good news for DayZ and Rust games lovers! Kefir studio has announced the best computer game “LAST DAY ON EARTH SURVIVAL APK”. Apart from thrilling actions, the game gives an opportunity to players to develop their game as they like. The players can follow any script in order to survive in the Zombies’ world. 

Trick and Tricks for Subsistence

1. Develop the Essentials

In the beginning, the player is being flung into apocalyptic world. As soon as the vehicle is crashed, the player finds himself in a strange area, covered by rocks and trees. If the player leaves the place without building a defense, there are chances to get ruined. It is recommended to check the nature of user interface, use your creative powers for developing defenses, weapons, appliances, clothes, houses and whatever else is required to live your life. 

The game offers three basic tools in form of spear, pickaxe and hatchets that are used to explore advanced resources. Whenever you are given a chance, visit the damaged cars as these are filled with basic tools. 

2. Secure Your Base 

A powerful base should be your motive. Collect Backpack, Garden Bed and Raincather for living on this land. The fortifications are highly important because a defenseless person cannot live in the domain of zombies. If you are well-equipped, it is possible to attack on other settlements and hold new properties.

3. Hatchet & Pickaxe

Try to collect 9 pine logs and 6 limestone pieces. In the beginning, you need to use a hatchet and a pickaxe as your enemies are not very powerful. Use pickaxe and hatchets for mining limestone and cutting down more and more trees. 

4. Remote Areas on Map

When the hero discovers new sites, he is being rewarded with more power and valuable resources. It is interesting that the map of the world is regularly modified with new forests or town. Before discovering these newly established areas full of harvesting tools and natural resources, get ready for an encounter with aggressive zombies. To proceed the game successfully, the hero must allocate the power between the defense and research. 

5. Interact with Online Players

The above mentioned descriptions will be useless for new players until and unless they are given the reference of real players, who are performing the same actions to survive on this land. The real players are allowed to develop bases, attack on other bases to get resources and interact with other online players. 

6. Fighting with Real Heroes

The game offers chat rooms to communicate with real players. It may happen that you enter into the new zone in search of worthwhile resources and unexpectedly find that the area is being protected by another player. It is up to you to show affability or kill him. The opportunity to fight against real heroes attracts new players. While wandering in another territory for stealing the resources, get ready for defensive structures, designed by your opponents. 

If you are interested to receive more tips and tricks, safedlfile is the best site to visit. Instead of playing boring and droning games, download this free android game today. Enjoy your time in building bases, gathering resources and attacking your rivals.

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