Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are debilitating and difficult to treat, since they involve both physical and emotional pain. Everyday is a strugglewhen the brain is not functioning properly. 

The brain is an amazing organ, though, and it works to rebuild itself. Recent studies have demonstrated that playing games can be therapeutic for recovery from brain injuries and can improve overall psychological health. Video games in particular have been shown to improve mental capacities.

Here are 5 suggestions for games that can have these benefits:

1. Sudoku

Some injuries cause difficulties in remembering names, numbers, and other details.The popular game of Sudoku can be of usetopromote recall. There are various forms of this game, such as Number Sudoku, Color Sudoku, and Alphabet Sudoku. All kinds of apps are available so that almost anyone can play. Patients may struggle with the game at first, but with practice they become comfortable with it and may experience real improvement in their mental functioning. 

2. Card games

Card games areoften preferable to electronic video games for those who have suffered TBIs. Conventional games like solitaire require thought and strategy, but are not so challenging as to frustrate the patient. Regular play can improve memory skills and numerical comprehension. Card games involving multiple players can also help to improve social functioning.

3. Lumosity

Lumosity is an ideal application for improving cognition. There are many categories of games,such as memory, speed of processing, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving. The app offers a choice of brain-training games based on the information thatusers provide. Research confirms that these activities help in recovering from brain injuries. You can download this app on your smartphone or computer; a free version is available, but the subscription offers access to a wider range of games. 

4. Tetris

Many have played this classic game at some time in their lives, and it has been shown to help TBI patients. Indeed, patients get hooked on Tetris and keep playing after they have recovered. A daily round of lining up the little blocks to produce a smooth, flat lineis a good workoutfor the brain. It is an ideal way to improve critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. 


Researchers are exploring various methods to treat TBIs. Along with the traditional approaches to treating the condition, playing games is recommended as a combination of therapy and entertainment.

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