Ever since Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Workweek, lifestyle blogs have become all the rage. If you hopped on this train recently and found success, then first off, congratulations to you!

Second, you’re probably loving your new, freedom-based lifestyle, and the last thing you want is for someone to take that away from you. Unfortunately, we live in a world where cybersecurity is more important than ever. No matter how big or small your website is, there’s a significant chance someone may hack into your site and steal your freedom.

Fortunately for you, preventing or deterring hackers from attacking your site can be done without too much extra work on your end. The rest of this article covers 3 cybersecurity tips you can use to protect your site.

Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Often

These days, most people know that using complex passwords is generally considered a best-practice. However, when it comes to actually doing it, not as many care to implement it.

All – not just a few – of your accounts should be safeguarded with strong passwords, containing a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Luckily, most online accounts are starting to force users to do this by only allowing passwords with all 3 stipulations. Hopefully in the future you won’t have to think about this too much.

If we’re being perfectly honest, you may still be at-risk even if you just follow this advice. That’s why you also have to change your passwords frequently. Every 60 days is a good practice to engage in, but every 30 may be even better. Protecting your website and other accounts with effective password management usually deters most brute-force hackers.

Be Careful Allowing Others to Make Changes to Your Site

A big part of the four-hour workweek dream is outsourcing and delegating tasks to others who are better or more efficient at them than you. This is great for keeping things easy and off your plate, but for cybersecurity, it creates a whole slew of potential issues.

First off, you’ll want to properly vet the contractors or freelancers you choose to work with. They should be people you can trust with a long-standing track record of high quality work.

Next, you’ll need to limit the permissions of those you grant access to your website. Make sure that they don’t have the user rights to download or install any unauthorized programs on your site.

Finally, and this one may be tough, but you should try to ensure that whoever is working on your site uses cybersecurity best-practices and proper thinking. For example, do they know not to fall for any phishing tactics while logged into your site? Or, when possible, they should use software to block web sites containing potentially dangerous malware.

Any time you grant someone else permission to make changes to your website, always be wary and proceed with caution.

Be Cautious When Uploading Files to Your Website

Most cyber-attacks occur when a malicious program is installed and executed on its target. If you own a lifestyle blog, your biggest threat is probably from various plugins that you need to manage your site. Be cautious of anything new you’re downloading to your site. In addition, you’ll need to be alert of any other files, photos, or executables you upload to your website.

Make sure that, if you do add anything or make changes, only download or install plugins from trusted and verified sources. If it looks sketchy or like a scam, it probably is. Try to find a plugin that many others have already downloaded and used without problems.


Without a doubt, your website is a critical tool that allows you to live the freedom-based lifestyle that you’ve wanted for so long. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a cybersecurity attack couldn’t happen to you, because they can happen to anyone. Use the tips above and be aware of the risks you face being in the cyber realm.

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