Just like in relationships, everyone has a type when it comes to vehicles. Some people are truck people, some people like classic cars only, and some people want a vehicle that helps them be more green. No matter the type of vehicle person you are, it's pretty likely you also want to save a buck or two when it’s time to shop for a new, or new to you, vehicle.

Not only do you have to consider what make and model you want, and whether you want something new or used, but you also need to consider what financing options you’re going to use if you don’t have cash on hand. These days, though, most dealerships (new and used) have the means to get you financed right then and there. So, that means it’s all about which vehicle is the right one for you.

Geek Cars

Since there are no flying cars, yet, geeks have to settle for something a little less sci-fi. With electric cars and hybrids, they have a few different options. Some people, those that are more into “the apocalypse is coming” way of life may even want to get a vehicle that’s used and convert it into one that runs on some sort of alternative fuel that can create on their own.

Another option for those that are super into movies and TV shows is to watch for big movie house style auctions. Once your favorite show is off the air many of the props, including working vehicle, hit the auction block.

Sporty Cars

For people that are more into sports cars, your search will depend on whether you want something new in the sporty department (as well as what “sporty” means to you) or if you want something in the classic muscle car department that you can fiddle with on your own time and put your gearhead tendencies into overdrive.

If you want an old sports car your best bet is a dealership that specializes in classic cars. However, you can also often find cool classic cars for sale at classic car shows. The auction circuit is also a safe bet if you don’t mind getting something that’s going to need some work done to be road worthy.

Travelers And Homebodies

If you travel a lot you’re going to want a vehicle that fits a few specific needs. First, you want something that is fuel efficient so you’re saving some money while you’re driving from point A to point Z, and all points in between (think hybrid). Second and third, you want space for all you’ll need to carry and you want something new so it’s more able to withstand all that extra mileage.

If you stay home more than you go out, you could pretty much get any vehicle you want. You do want to consider what you need space for (kids, groceries, work gear) and you also may still want something that is more earth conscious (as opposed to a gas-guzzling toxic fiend of a vehicle).

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