If there’s any player in the NBA more universally loved more than Steph Curry right now, then please bring him to our attention. Curry, it seems, can do no wrong. He’s got the game, the innocent look, the cute kid, the gorgeous wife, and a pair of all-star parents, as well. In fact, it’s those parents who have gotten him to where he is today.

Giving Credit to Steph’s Parents

Steph Curry had an upbringing that most NBA players would have loved. Thanks to his father, NBA-star Dell Curry, Steph was given the chance to grow up in the shadows of NBA arenas, bright lights, and stardom. But, instead of learning all of the wrong things about what life as an NBA player can look like, Steph learned all of the right things.

For years, Steph watched and followed his father over the course of more than two decades in the NBA – spending time in Charlotte, Milwaukee, and Toronto. And as a result of seeing how his father interacted with fans – particularly kids – Steph has tried to take a similar approach.

“That’s how I grew up,” Curry said. “I was blessed to see my dad and how he interacted with kids my age at the time. He was going to youth camps and different school events. I know how happy me and my friends were at that age to see somebody we looked up to come and spend some time [with us]. I don’t want to take those opportunities for granted, no matter what the schedule is or what’s going on outside of that event. That’s a time for them.”

But father Dell isn’t the only one who’s had a lasting impact on Steph’s life. His mother, Sonya, has played an important role as well, continually providing wisdom that she believes her son needs to stay grounded and humble.

“People will love you if you love them,” Sonya frequently tells Steph and her other children. “Give them your all on the court and be nice when you go to the grocery store.”

Part of Steph’s upbringing involved education in a Montessori school system, where students were taught to work on activities at their own pace and tap into their own unique talents and abilities. Dell and Sonya believe this approach has played a tremendous role in shaping who Steph is off the court. 

Tough Love for the Win

As loving and supportive as Steph’s parents are, they try to hold him accountable for the mistakes he makes. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Sonya mentioned that she fines her son for every turnover he has in a game - $100 per mistake. 

“It’s a verbal contract,” Sonya said. “Steph likes a challenge.” Sonya came up with the idea few years ago when she saw him making too many turnovers. She and Dell got together and decided on what a reasonable number of turnovers per game is – three – and decided that he owes his mother $100 per turnover for anything above that number.

“It keeps me on the edge every game,” Steph said. “I know she’s going to text me or have some witty one-liner about what she’s going to buy with all of my gifts.”

As you can see, the Currys like to have a lot of fun. They do it through equal parts support and tough love. And while Steph is far from perfect, he certainly has his act together for a celebrity of his caliber. 

That can – at least partially – be credited to his parents.