GadgetsApple mobile devicessuch as iPhone and iPad do not include any app that let you record the screen. Therefore, if you want to record the screen of your iPhone, you need to get a third party screen recorder software. One of the third party screen recorder software that can be used for recording mobile device’s screen is Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio can also be used to record the screen of your computer monitor. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is not an app that you can download onto your mobile phone so you have to launch it from your desktop computer. 

The first step is to get ready the software and make sure it is launched on your PC computer. Next, you must connect the iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. You can use Movavi screen recorder for iOS to record all kinds of activities that you carry out on your iPhone. It is a great software for recording demonstrations on the features of a mobile app for your customers. You can record your gameplay of a mobile game on your phone and directly upload it to a video sharing site.

After you have recorded your iPhone screen, you can edit it in the software on your PC. During editing, you can add audio tracks to the video. If you want to record your voice while recording your iPhone screen, make sure plug in the microphone into the microphone jack port. If you want to record sound output from your iPhone built in speakers, make sure you increase the volume of the speakers and select the audio system button on the control panel. 

As soon as you press the Rec button, it will start to record your mobile device’s screen. Every activity that you perform on the screen including tapping, swiping or drawing on your mobile device will be recorded. Your desktop monitor screen will show the screen of your mobile phone that it is capturing. You can look at your desktop monitor from time to time to make sure that the recording session is going smoothly. 

If you want to point out something, you can convert your mouse into a highlighter by enabling this option on the control panel. To make your mouse cursor a highlighter tool, you are to click on the mouse cursor icon on the control panel and check the Highlight cursor check box. 

If you select the highlight option, a round circle will appear on the cursor. You can customize the color of the round circle by using the color palette tool. You can customize a different highlight color for the clicks made by clicking on the left or right mouse button. You can also customize the mouse click sound. 

When you finish recording the screen of your iOS device, you can press the stop button on the control panel from your PC desktop. If you want to transfer the screen recording to your phone, you must go to Devices in the Save as drop down menu and select a suitable video format. Once it is saved, you can unplug the USB cable that connect your phone to the PC computer.

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