While the Middle East is home to some of the richest and most naturally resourced countries in the world, it is not until recently that it has embraced popular digital concepts such as SEO, SEM and content marketing. These entities have exploded in regions such as Dubai in recent times, however, enjoying the type of growth and proliferation that has impacted other regional markets.

As a result of this, the Middle East is now home to more than 60 million Facebook users, seven million Twitter members and some of the highest YouTube viewership figures in the world. According to numerous sources, the Middle East may even become the centre of the next Internet boom and drive a wealth of opportunities for brands and service providers. 

How will an SEO and content marketing boom benefit the Middle East?

This will mark a shift for the Middle East, which has thrived financially and achieved commercial growth primarily on the back of demand for natural resources such as oil. The delivery of services adds a new dimension to Middle Eastern wealth, however, while it also represents the next logical step for the region. Let’s start with content marketing, which has become the principle driver of SEO techniques while eradicating practices such as bulk link buying and the prioritisation of volume.

This is where we are seeing the most pronounced change in the Middle East, with the majority of content produced in the region either recycled from abroad or developed in a sterile and largely generic manner. As the emphasis on high quality content continues to drive marketers and brands, however, Middle Eastern brands are gradually changing their approach and driving a higher demand for contemporary and strategic SEO strategies.

This not creates a market opportunity for SEO and content marketing service providers in the Middle East, but it also creates greater profit margins for brands with an international focus. After all, the implementation of effective and cutting edge SEO measures will enable brands to reach a larger target market, conquering global audiences and diversifying existing revenue streams. Along with growth in the Asia-Pacific market, this will contribute to a truly global and connected business world where profitability is maximised.

The Bottom Line

From a social perspective, the use of modern SEO techniques and truly engaging content also empowers customers and Middle Eastern citizens. This can have a wide reaching impact, from the popularisation of social and political issues to the development of greater connectivity between local residents and the rest of the world. 

So whether the goal is to raise money and drive business success or raise awareness levels surrounding prevalent social issues, the proliferation of SEO and content marketing in the Middle East is undeniably positive.

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