Everybody knows about HBO and CineMax, international channels which present plethora interesting movies played by abundance of Hollywood stars. It is good news for Android Lollipop users because you can enjoy the appearance of HBO and MAX GO. The updated application is also bringing video player with high resolution.

Then, you are now able to enjoy any updated movies provided by these two awesome international TV channels. Also, you will know anything information about movies you might wait without having to watch them on TV. Simply, you will know anything about the movies on the go, thanks to your android Lollipop smartphone.

Although there is no detail information about the resolution, the adding resolution will give numerous benefits by presenting the picture with much better QHD resolution.  It also brings positive effect for the primary application to receive the Lollipop support whereas the door is always opened for updated application as an innovation by Google.

If you want to know the update of HBO GO and MAX GO, you can find them on Playstore and download them on your android. Automatically, you will find the high quality resolution on your smartphone. Just enjoy the sophisticated display on your lollipop android everywhere you go.