Your personality is comprised of many physical features. Besides having an overall good physique your face symmetry matters a lot in deciding whether you look attractive or not. Having a small waist, toned legs, round butts, good neckline, broad shoulders, good hairs etc.your face symmetry matters a lot. It is been concluded in many studies that people who have a “Almond-shaped face” or “V-shaped face” tend to look more attractive than people with square jawline. So if you are the one with a square or rectangular jaw you must have noticed that your face looks round or squarish which makes you look plump even though you don’t have jawline fat. 

So what is the way to treat the square or rectangular jaw? Well most of the people will say you have to go under the knife to get a “V-shaped face” but this is not true. There are many procedures that can save you thousands of dollars which you will waste in cosmetic surgery and not to forget the risk associated with them. Today we will be discussing about one such very result-oriented method that has given ray of hope for people with square or rectangular face to get a “V-shaped face”. 

At Dore Aesthetics Singapore they have this amazing treatment specially designed for people with square or rectangular face. The first thing is that this procedure is completely non-surgical and not a single incision is made on your jaw. So you can rest assured that the jaw reduction treatment is safe and doesn’t have any side effects. So how Dore Aesthetics does the jaw reduction treatment. 

Step 1: You undergo a basic observation where your face symmetry is noted down to provide you the best “V-shaped face” as per symmetry of your face. 

Step 2: A face slimming treatment is then done on your targeted jaw area to lift the skin. The procedure is painless and doesn’t involve any incision. 

Step3: In the next few sessions the area of both side of your face gradually shrinks and get lifted. You then start to notice the difference as your face slims down. 

Step 4: After attending few sessions the end result is a significant slim face and a soft jaw angle. 

The treatment is non-surgical and every session takes about 30 minutes so you can even have it done in your lunch time. There is no post-operative care and no special care required as you can straight away go to work after undergoing the jaw reduction treatment. 

As there is no surgery involved there are no cut and bruises on your face so there is no need to hide your face or bandage it. The treatment is done using the latest technology and best industry equipment.Beside this the most important factor is that the jaw reduction treatment doesn’t require a lot of money like the cosmetic surgery which can empty your bank balance. The treatment is very economical, safe and result-oriented. 

So if you are looking for safe and cost-effective jaw reduction treatment to bring a significant change to how your face looks then Dore Aesthetics has the best treatment available for you.

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