When you stare at January 1 on your calendar, it’s hard not to feel inspired. The New Year represents carte blanche: a totally clean slate for the next 12 months. Many of us jump on the chance to tackle our biggest goals during this time. Often these resolutions aim to undo much of the damage done during the indulgent holidays. If the holidays are always a time of excess for you, then take a look at this list of popular New Year’s resolutions. You might want to add at least one to your own!

1. Eat & Drink Healthier

This one comes as no surprise. The food and beverages that we sample over the holidays are some of the most important details of the festivities. Unfortunately, dinner often consists of several helpings of turkey, followed by a couple slices of pie. Oh — and don’t forget the midnight sandwich made up of leftovers.

As a result, a lot of Americans wake up in the New Year sporting a spare tire around their middles. There’s little wonder why 21.4 percent of Americans list losing weight and eating healthier as their number one resolution.

2. Live Life to the Fullest

Self-improvement is another popular New Year’s resolution. The holidays take up a lot of our free time, and there isn’t always enough left over to spend on ourselves. As a result, a lot of people feel like they neglected themselves or their personal goals by the time the New Year rolls around. 

Once the hustle and bustle of the season dies down, January sees the renewed focus of personal dreams for 12.3 percent of goal setters. Compared to the first goal on this list, living life to the fullest is much more subjective. For some people, it could mean going on vacation more often. For others, it could mean saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes their way. For more still, this goal could lead them to learn a new skill in the upcoming months.

3. Spend Less & Save More

‘Tis the season of giving, and many parents pull out all the stops to leave as many presents under the tree for their children. But it’s not just families overspending during the holidays. The average American is expected to drop $967 on gifts and other holiday related purchases in 2017. Nearly one grand in extra spending can strain household budgets everywhere, and in some cases, people clear out savings and rely on cash loans to get through the season.

This resolution becomes especially important for those people. Without savings, there’s no way to cover financial emergencies on your own, and when you have credit card debt or several personal loans in your name, spending less and saving more is important if you expect to avoid costly late fees during your repayment. 


Holiday traditions can send us into a tailspin of excess, as we eat, drink, and spend our way through the season. Luckily, our biggest weaknesses can be our biggest motivators, and many people use these vices as springboards for their New Year’s resolutions. If you can stick with them, you can undo the damage done during the season and start to make real change in the New Year. But with 80 percent of all resolutions set to fail, it may not be as simple as writing down these goals on a paper list. Each of these goals takes serious effort. You need to be invested in your success if you expect to see results, so take the time now to stir up the motivation you need to hit your targets!

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