Car FashionThere are many ways to express yourself and show your artistic side in the real world. While fashion and jewelry are obvious first thoughts, the vehicle you bop around in can be a form of art and expression as well, depending on how you package it.

You can make your car your own by decorating the interior or by fixing up the exterior and body. Just make sure you are not breaking any laws regarding distraction of view or other rules you learned in your state’s or NY defensive driving course. Keep your car in fashion and your driving skills in tip top shape as well.

Some cars are already forms of art with their beautiful builds and performance, others need to be loved and buffed out in order to correctly personify us. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure that your vehicle and driving skills are up to par with the latest trends. 

The Interior

Décor within the inside of your car may not strike you as art, but it is a very personal form of self-expression. Since most of us commute in our vehicles every day, what we stare out at from within our vehicles can impact our daily lives. From the dream-catchers hanging from the rear-view mirror to the dancing hula girl on your dashboard, interior decorations partly define who we are. Some make a statement with little-to-no accouterments (do they even use their car?), while others fill their car with such debris that you wonder if they might live there. Regardless of how you accessorize the inside of your car, it does represent your style and your personality to an extent. How you present your car in a situation like a first date can really make or break a first impression. 

The Exterior

Sometimes the car itself can be seen as a form of art. There are classic cars that still run like the day they were made, and other older cars that have been souped up and made into an entirely different vehicle. Even if you don't find everyday cars particularly astonishing, you cannot doubt the simplistic beauty of classic cars. Some models offer bright, attention-grabbing colors, others carry a silhouette that just isn't seen in today's makes and models. Whether you choose to test drive an automatic or a stick shift. Not only can the outside of automobiles be artistic, but some would say that the engine and mechanics that make classic cars run are works of art in their own right. Anyone who has ever worked on a classic car might say that learning how to fix up a classic car is an art form in and of itself.

Along with the horsepower, other vehicle upgrades inside and out can make your car pop. From chrome detailing to big rims, there are thousands of ways to add personal touches to express yourself through your vehicle. Adding a spoiler to the back of your car or a white pinstripe down the side can change the whole look of your vehicle. 

Making yourself stand out in this big world gives us a sense of security - and makes it much easier to locate your vehicle in the influx of cars in a parking lot. No matter how you choose to express yourself through your vehicle, safety is the most important part of driving. Making sure your vision is unobstructed, enrolling in NY defensive driving courses, and staying alert will ensure your safety and allow you to sit back and relax (and think of new upgrades for your vehicle!). We as human beings express ourselves in a variety of ways, and how we decorate and present our vehicles is just one of those ways.

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