Lifestyle which is consciously people keep doing will be such a habit. If the lifestyle is applied by mass, then it would be a culture. Society lifestyle nowadays, consciously or not, will affect the environment and also health. Long time ago, human life is still so simple. But along the time goes by, the society lifestyle has been changed. You might not find or rarely see any traditional habits which are much friendly to environment and healthy for food wrapping. Now, the food wrapping is made from certain material which is dangerous for health as well as environment.

Human need at past time was simple enough. But now, the need is so complicated that push the exploitation to the environment increased in order to fill human need. When the nature is exploited and become a giant place for garbage, waste and pollution. Then, the environment will be disturbed until the human bear the consequences.

There are several society attitude and behaviors which are not friendly for the surrounding, whereas those are the culture that develops among society.

1. Instant culture

Many people love to eat instant food which we call it junk food. You know about nugget, sausage, instant noodle and so forth. People love to eat them because it is easy to serve. Anytime you want, it is ready to eat. When you are in rush, you will be easy to prepare it. And the taste is also not bad. So, many people do not think that it is false option. Most of them do not realise that there are a lot of chemical ingredients contained. Besides, the package is also from chemical ingredients which tend to affect the food kept.

Modern people consider that preparing food every day is very troublesome. Instant food is the option, then. By the time keep increased, the garbage resulted from the packaging waste. Consuming instant food will affect the healthy as well because the food is processed and canned that lower the nutritious contents and even increase the potency to affect body healthy through the chemical material inside when people consume it constantly.

2. Consumptive culture

The more the earnings of somebody, the more potential they will be consumptive. Consumptive lifestyle could affect somebody through sophisticated gadgets, interesting advertisement and social lifestyle. Consumptive lifestyle needs great bill. The more the bill the more exploited the natural sources will be.

3. Inappropriate Culture

Such a culture is commonly called as prestige. It is such a tendency of human who want to show their social status through wealthy they have. Besides, material they own show how modern and successful they are. Somebody will say that it is inappropriate for a manager to walk or ride public transportation when they are working. Then, it pushes them to have anything they think will support their position in society.

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