Healthy lifestyle now is to be one of the most warmth topics discussed on any kind of media, i.e. television, radio, magazine and also online.  When being discussed, it seems that they understand so well how healthy lifestyle is. But when it comes to apply them on their life, there are only less people who can get used to it.

There are at least 6 healthy habits you can apply in your life in order to make you really live with healthy lifestyle.

1. Balanced Diet will give you more energy

Balanced diet is the most important in healthy lifestyle. Just eat nutritious food which is full of high fibre such as fruits and vegetables. Every eating, add this healthy food as additional menu. In that way, you will get more energy to do many activities. 

2. Water is the key of health and beauty

It is commonly known that human body consists of 70% water. That is why water has a big role in body metabolism. Drink at least 8 glasses a day and you will find freshness and full energy to do your activities. 

3. The Role of Exercise is so Important

Exercise is also very important to do in healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise will be able to keep your body flexibility as well as strengthen your muscle and bones. 

4. Evade Stress

Stress is also such a trigger for the body drop. In order to evade stress, it is better for you to do activities which need your focus then you are capable of forgetting the stress. The activity you may do is gathering with family. 

5. You will not be healthy without enough sleep

Sleep at least 7 hours a day in order to give your body and brain rest. In that way, you will rejuvenate your brain then you will get your day later be fresher and you can do your daily activity better.

6. You need to vanish your addiction

Many people have their own addiction such as smoking, drinking coffee, alcohol or even consume candies too much. Those all bad habits could increase the risk of some different diseases as well as stress on the body. So, it is much better to vanish them slow but sure.

By applying those 6 types of healthy lifestyle, it is ensured that begins a good habit for your longer lasting life. It means that the healthier the life you run, the longer the age of you will be.

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