A Georgia police officer was shot in the shoulder this month during what news reporters are calling a “running gun battle,” in which two suspects chased the officer with guns. Shooting was exchanged back and forth until one of the suspects gunned down the officer. With all of the violence currently taking place among cops, it’s important to stay informed about these kinds of incidents. Here are 5 important facts you should know.

1. Dekalb County Police Officer Marco Vizcarrando Was the Victim

Vizcarrando is a 47-year-old veteran who has been serving on the Dekalb County Police force for 19 years. He was hit in the upper-left shoulder during the shoot-out. The injury appeared to be so serious at the time, that the police transported the officer to the hospital in their own helicopter rather than calling in life flight. Luckily, the shot was not as bad as it looked. It was characterized as a “through and through,” and he is expected to have a full recovery. 

2. The Shooting Began After Vizcarrando Investigated a Flagged Car 

At the time of the shooting, Vizcarrando’s department was investigating an illegal gun-running business in the northeastern part of Atlanta. Vizcarrando had located a car the department had been looking for. He called for immediate backup, and a marked police car successfully crashed the vehicle into a wall as the perpetrators tried to flee. The suspects got out of the car, and the shooting began. As Vizcarrando chased the suspects, he was shot near a gas station, just 12 miles northeast of Atlanta. 

3. One Perpetrator was Taken to Jail Without Bail 

Both suspects were apprehended. One perpetrator, Isaiah McCray, surrendered immediately after the shooting, and the other, Rome Crowe, ran into a nearby woody area. However, search dogs quickly found him, and both were taken to jail. Crowe is reportedly the man that shot Vizcarrando and is being held in prison without bale. McCray’s bale was set at $50,000. 

4. Atlanta’s Crime Rate Is Declining

Atlanta’s crime rate has always been high, but it has slowly started to decline over the last few years. In 2012, it was named the sixth most dangerous cities in America by Forbes, but in 2015, it didn’t even make the list. Crime often occurs around inner-city Atlanta, including parts of Dekalb County, where the shootout occurred. However, many parts of Atlanta enjoy a very low crime rate, including the Clifton Hills area. As the ninth largest metropolitan area in America, it’s good to see that the city’s crime is decreasing. 

5. Implications to Violence Against Police Officers in the United States 

Violence and rioting against the police are rising trends in America today, and this incident can’t escape implications. However, this particular instance shows a positive side for police officers. Instead of rioting and violence, it shows a department that is doing its job to keep the peace and decrease the crime rate in a major city. 

With so much disapproval against the police force in all corners of the United States, it’s nice to recognize a veteran man for his efforts, and mete out punishment for those who were in the wrong, rather than getting caught up in the throes of political turmoil.

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