Not much can match the feeling of being a global vagabond, touching down in a new city in a new country and quickly making it your new home. But funding this sort of adventure can be tricky. Here are some ways to get out there and see the world without living like a pauper.

#1: Extreme Telecommuting

Have a sit down with your employer and discuss the possibility of working from home the majority of the time. Unless your job requires you to be physically present in order to interact face-to-face with customers all day, telecommuting could be a possibility. Try getting your foot in the door with working from home (or anywhere) and then work on expanding how much you can do away from the office.

#2: Long-Term Sabbatical

If at all possible you could see if you can work out a long-term sabbatical, but for most professions this would be a long shot. College professors enjoy a sabbatical as one of their many perks, and it often takes 7 years to earn a year off. Maybe you can’t swing a year of paid leave, but see how much you can squeeze out of them.

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Those looking to get started with penny stocks often suffer from imposter syndrome.

That is, they don’t feel like they’re in the skin of the investor. Despite having all the tools, knowledge and potential wealth right in front of them, they just don’t know if they’re on the right path with their penny stocks. This ultimately leads to doubts and various assumptions that keep would-be success stories from coming true.

Casting doubt from your mind might be easier said than done; however, it’s essential to keeping yourself on the course to seeing a positive ROI for your trades. Outlined below are three major mental traps and assumptions that face every penny stock newbie which need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

You Don’t Have Enough Cash to Invest

Perhaps the biggest draw of penny stocks is pretty straightforward: such trades ultimately keep more money in your pocket and allow you to experiment versus pricier stocks. That said, many new traders feel that they just need to throw more and more cash at bad trades and then blame their own wallets for the lack of success.

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As I write this article, I’m a few short hours away from getting ready for a date that fell into my lap just minutes ago. That’s how life works: you don’t always have a lot of time to prepare, but you have to say yes to the opportunities that present themselves and put the best, most sparkly version of yourself forward. I don’t have much time to waste–and if you’re reading this you probably don’t either–so let’s get into it! Here are your date night dos and don’ts, whether you have minutes, hours, or days to prepare. 

Hygiene matters

To look your best for a date you must start with a fresh, clean base. A proper shower is the first step. If you’re short on time, you don’t have to wash your hair (drying and styling takes forever) but scrub where it counts, do a quick once-over with a razor to get rid of any rogue body hairs, and cleanse your face to have a fresh palette for your makeup. Moisturize your skin from head to toe. You may want to consider throwing a whitening strip on your teeth and wearing it throughout your getting ready ritual, so that you have an extra zingy smile!(Just don’t forget to remove it and brush your teeth before heading out the door!)

Don’t overdo the makeup

There are thousands of exciting, if a bit weird, makeup techniques floating around Instagram and YouTube. But a first date isn’t the right time to try out the contouring or eyeliner trend that all the beauty bloggers are loving, or break out your sparkly black lipstick. Worst case scenario, you spend an hour trying out one of these trendy makeup looks, just to have it turn out terribly, with little or no time to start from scratch. After all, your date liked how you looked the first time he saw you! He’s not expecting you to be in some crazy over the top makeup for your date. You want to look like yourself, just an extra polished version. So keep it simple with your standard night out beauty ritual. 

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In an age of tablets, smartphones, and hundreds of television channels, it can be difficult to encourage kids to tear their eyes away from the screen and pick up a book. Despite the benefits of technology, it’s just as important now to read books as it ever was.

Rather than allowing a child to passively watch as stories, ideas, and visuals are presented to her via websites and television, reading is active; a reader uses the information on the page to construct her own worlds, and must decipher themes, analyze characters, and pick apart story arcs on her own. These skills are highly important, if not mandatory, in school settings and the real world – after all, how will your child come up with great startup ideas without being able to research the industry?

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