While the Middle East is home to some of the richest and most naturally resourced countries in the world, it is not until recently that it has embraced popular digital concepts such as SEO, SEM and content marketing. These entities have exploded in regions such as Dubai in recent times, however, enjoying the type of growth and proliferation that has impacted other regional markets.

As a result of this, the Middle East is now home to more than 60 million Facebook users, seven million Twitter members and some of the highest YouTube viewership figures in the world. According to numerous sources, the Middle East may even become the centre of the next Internet boom and drive a wealth of opportunities for brands and service providers. 

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A Georgia police officer was shot in the shoulder this month during what news reporters are calling a “running gun battle,” in which two suspects chased the officer with guns. Shooting was exchanged back and forth until one of the suspects gunned down the officer. With all of the violence currently taking place among cops, it’s important to stay informed about these kinds of incidents. Here are 5 important facts you should know.

1. Dekalb County Police Officer Marco Vizcarrando Was the Victim

Vizcarrando is a 47-year-old veteran who has been serving on the Dekalb County Police force for 19 years. He was hit in the upper-left shoulder during the shoot-out. The injury appeared to be so serious at the time, that the police transported the officer to the hospital in their own helicopter rather than calling in life flight. Luckily, the shot was not as bad as it looked. It was characterized as a “through and through,” and he is expected to have a full recovery. 

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Wearable technology is the new buzzword when it comes to fitness and technological advancements. It’s fairly common to walk into a gym and see a man tracking his performance via a smartwatch or phone. However, that’s not the only high tech gadget hitting gyms around the world. 

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly more common to see these men donning smart workout shirts that are equipped to monitor every aspect of the body’s performance during exercise. And now, thanks to Ralph Lauren’s latest innovation, these high tech outfits look good too. Here are five fast facts about their new men’s smart activewear.

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Dancing at weddings is obligatory. At least three dances have a big spotlight on them -- the first dance, the mother-son dance, and the father-daughter dance -- and the whole rest of the reception after cutting the cake and making the toasts is dedicated to dancing. You just can't avoid dancing.

At your own wedding, you will have all eyes on you as you dance for at least two of these dances and likely many more. Learning a few standards will show guests that you can do more than wrap arms around your partner and sway. Here are a few dances you should consider learning for your wedding:


The waltz is the basic box-step dance that so many couples dance at their weddings. It is popular because it is easy to learn and to perform. When you feel more comfortable with it, you can also dress it up with moves like twirls and dips. Look for classes that teach ballroom dances in NYC to find lessons for the waltz. You'll also get a nice primer on other ballroom dances that you might want to break out if the mood strikes.

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