The earth will be wrecked. Sooner or later, the ecology and the elements inside the earth will be no longer in line with the life of creatures living inside. So is human. So, how is the fate of the next life? Interstellar is one of the answers.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), an aerospace pilot who is now over the duties to be a farmer. Why? It is because the earth nonarable. It is no longer fertile like it was. Every day, every hour, dust comes like the blowing wind and pollutes the house either in the graveyard or inside of the house. That is why apparently the job as a farmer is required more in order to make the earth alive and the fertility of the land so that it can be food source for human.

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Want to watch a movie but confused with the options? It is not a problem anymore since there is an application that is ready to help you get any information about recommended movie. So, choosing the best movie to watch? It is a piece of cake, isn’t it?

It is guaranteed that you will not wrong in choosing movie to accompany you spending a day or a night. The feature you can rely on for this is named Suggest Movie. The most phenomenal feature is the movie filter. It is not only providing a line of the ten best movies in the year 2014 or something like that. The suggest Movie allows you to filter searching result with divers criteria, e.g the year, the genre, the rating the voters, and so forth.

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The sense of watching a movie on cinema must be very different with watching it through a DVD at home. Thanks to the bombastic sound system and incredible wide screen, you will really feel the tension when watching a movie. But, what should you do when you have no friend to accompany you watching the movie in cinema? You will be lonely, right? Do not be afraid since you are still able to enjoy the movie even though you are alone.

There are many reasons why people still choose to watch a movie on cinema even though they have no friend to come with. These are several tips for you if you have no friend with you in cinema. It might help you to be more comfortable and confident although you are alone.

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It is good news for Google Players consumers. Start from now, android users and Google Play Store service on the web can order for certain hit films before being released to the DVD version to be downloaded.

For temporary, Google has provided several popular movies such as “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Maleficent,” “Lucy”, “Gone Girl”, “Maze Runner” and several other titles you can order through Play Store by now.

The way how to get the movie is very easy. You just need to check the movie into the list of pre-order availability and then just choose the movie you want to order and then click pre-order button. If it is first time for you to buy anything on Play Store, then you will be asked to insert you credit card data. But take it easy, you will not be charged on anything unless you get the movie.

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